That one where Sunny D Raps about ClickFunnels™… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 59

SUNNY D with the AMAZING ClickFunnels™ Rap! You have to watch this its amazing….

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 59 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where Sunny D Raps about ClickFunnels™…

[Music] son ID up in the house it ain’t just a juice it’s the life Wow okay ain’t nobody messing with my click funnels click alright so we literally just changed you know marketing as we know forever there’s no way to catch us it’s over rule these are our hyper buyers so this is who they are everything from what car they drive to what hamburger they prefer oh maybe a movie idea and maybe buying entrepreneur news and from favorite on our did 1.5 million dollars to comical winner we spent almost half a million dollars this party you know think about it [Music] ain’t no traffic better than my huh converting click funnels click funnels click as I look online they don’t do it [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so we just sitting here looking to hire a copywriter so I made a video saying you can be a copywriter you can move to Boise work with me for the next two or three years and change the world and um anyway we had he’s 60 or so people and sent me applications or whatever was interesting okay so things are this like you’re applying for a copywriting position your copywriter all right a lot people who like I would love to learn how to write copy what’s next like only one person of the entire group wrote a sales letter to sell me on being on coming here one copy that actually wrote a sales letter to sell like it sells that are shockingly good so it’s like how did you come to your office each morning and tackle a most pressing coffee task while learning is right just like you in the process and it’s when through my false beliefs like hey you probably were the the interaction get my voice like which is a huge fear I have and hey you’re probably too busy training right holy crap that is another big fear or you actually like writing copy but you’re on time for your family think it was awesome call to action clothes me like anyway then then give me a sample links provided I got a lot of sampling spew I hear stuff I’ve written the past and it’s like here’s links like so I like read through all their stuffs I see it was good an hour that’s what’s what actually pitched me new my false beliefs new my concerns resolve them anyway she’s amazing so I’m actually sending her project in about 30 minutes and she’s in start writing and see if we actually like her but she seems amazing so there you go [Music] so we’re gonna actually launch funnel swag today because we have some swag so here we’ve got nude scroll paintings not selling that these scissors these are a limited edition from the viral video event we’ve got all these cool shirts left over so we got the nude squirrel t-shirts and we’ve got gold prospector t-shirts the steam so without dude swag sell and then we’re upsell my favorite jacket which my whole family’s wearing these today which is a ClickFunnels™ jacket it’s got ClickFunnels™ they run a little small such tell men that logo say the coolest jacket ever so that’d be the upsell so we’re gonna find this false why we see if fellow swag works we’re modeling the way lady bosses there so we tried to launch the phone so like three times nonprofit least we give up there we get our so we’re gonna try it here we wait your first three phones since the seed Russell no they never do yeah keep on doing it over and over and over till you figure out the what and a half – again it’s all set up for the shot [Music] gee I wish my boat what’s up everybody Brunson welcome to follow swag calm and I’m here today because we’ve got some new funnel swag right now when they’re gone they’re gone she was our dude squirrel in there so this is again this is old prospector 1 which is awesome eat your shirt and I’m excited tabs all right listen our lady or funnel swag funnel has done other seems that you all his magic tricks I don’t how to do so page number 1 so the videos there and man Sarney wearing it at our event there’s a stuff boom so I think this dough pic was sure they want pick the size address ship it to and then page number 2 goes to our upsell which will be me wearing this wait you want the hoodie pick their size boom – and then the take a page that says thank you look at that boom funnel done 60 minutes or less other than the customization Steve’s gotta do [Music] jonrosh our operation through your funnel this was this this is our people these are our hyper buyers so we took our 13,000 most hyper buyers people who have quick funnels up from the paddock for months and they’ve been paying us and they bought other things like books and stuff like that my favorite people yeah our favorite people so we were figuring out who the heck they are right so this is who they are everything from what car they drive to what hamburger they prefer to everything so Burger King McDonald’s rub map out operation fill your funnel which as you may know we have a training course called fill your funnel but we about to take our level of traffic generation ISM to the next level so this board right now is white it’s gonna be colorful here in the next two or three hours [Music] [Music] all right so we literally just changed email marketing as we know it forever well for everyone yeah I think in the router free time we do that game hey your zip you know so this is like all the time so we’re in the room and all of a sudden we’re gonna take over the world alright so those well you’ve taken over you only you join someone’s email list right and you emails that around there you go here’s an email you know it’s just like this random thing that goes into the ether and just kinda like alright there’s an email right so imagine this you join this list and then this is like it’s like a game board if I cut the rope or whatever which was like email one email to so like that way if you miss an email if you missed you know first 12 mm Oh 13 just hooks you for some reason and you click on it and it shows you that everything you can go backwards in time no no this is like the landing page so it’s like you click on it’s like hey you know day number one go do whatever so they come they go there you click here and it just like a game board so it’ll be going down like this and you click on it’s like there’s the lesson for the day in whatever resources yeah and that’s that’s the game all weekend long cuz they’ll bid the game now on-site ClickFunnels™ by Mike how do you build that in a click bones page so Jake and I figured it out basically to call on this comb right here’s longer than basically it’s broken down to like oh this is an image of these images that hook it all together so I would get clickable to the next lessons too yeah do snapshot of like day one of the 30 that you and this would be like the first 30 days could be like red and the next threes are blue and green now it’s like the whole the whole action funnel is like an actual game that’s like people want to hear you know scuzz the game and there I go [Music] we may have just had a really good idea and we may be buying entrepreneur oh crap so what the right was doing it [Music] sad day this is the end of an event this was the dream 100 wall these are all people that came to the event these people who are too cool to come Bartman and they’re gonna come alright maybe I’ll think about it you know I’m gonna set a granites burglar record he know famous people have a good time for free I’ll think about it like for free are you serious like I’m free we spent almost half a million dollars in this party you’re gonna think about it anyway these are the cool people who actually came to Boise well this is the end of a chapter how does this feel like sad honestly I was just kind of like you gotta be kidding it’s kind of happy though really depressing so excited so excited it’s over cigarette closed the trouble boards at the end of a project is done [Music] all right so Natalie came to fun locking laughs no tooth out of a gnat in February and from febrile now Oded 1.5 million dollars to gum Cup winner throwing this product here as corn pelvic floor and this is our page I’m watching this is the perfect webinar here on the video which is crazy so pretty awesome you may see her at a new out coming event happening in March I don’t know we’ll see maybe all right so Totoro my bike to the office today because construction workers were parked behind in my car so I forgot about that tile you had to get home and rush that rice I haven’t been back here so remember back home and tonight we’ve got about 20 Boise entrepreneurs currently get together once a month to hang out talk shop and they invited me to come back having been able to so I said we’ll do it and our office I can come so tonight we’re having a party some local entrepreneurs in our office it’s a lot of fun so let me start with the 9 o’clock tonight and we go till midnight so it should be good times excited for it right now go home plate the kids because it’s gonna kid time it’s been fun all right it’s a lot of progress in happening we’re back in our kitchen finally how do you love back we’re back in our kitchen after six months there’s no words it all mostly some finish this column that’s kind of not done both is left o plumbing yeah two bathrooms with no yeah but at least this is done you can so good you know we’re gonna check outside [Music] basic right here we’re gonna have nine underground trampolines you see here in two three four four six three alive the astroturf will come over here and wrap the edges and the runs jump and they’ll also be getting some external trampolines out here so you jump from here down your craziness that here is gonna be a big volleyball build this me a soccer slash football filled back there’s the basketball court and then they’re building the track I’ll show you without the track it’s gonna be wrapping everything and back there’s the baseball field [Music] mystery chemistry do you like this you think it’d be cool that stick because if the weird all right back in the car heading back the office now I don’t have no idea what happens at this networking meeting or what’s happening as with local boys you guys have some fun to go find out hang out some local dudes see what’s happening in burning click [Music] funnels

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That one where Sunny D Raps about ClickFunnels™… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 59

That one where Sunny D Raps about ClickFunnels™… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 59