That one where we bought cryptocurrency & todd teaches us about it … Funnel hacker TV Episode 36

On this episode, We talked about Cryptocurrency! Its a HUGE Topic right now and we give you alittle bit of a breakdown. Also the developers are in town for our Hack-A-Thon! We have some amazing NEW features coming to ClickFunnels™ that you will LOVE


Funnel Hacker TV Episode 36 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we bought cryptocurrency & todd teaches us about it…

[Music] all right so my colleague is about to happen this is either going to flop really bad or explode this thing y’all believe it [Music] so this week’s been amazing cuz we got all of the tech founders and partners I am the non tech founder you can’t actually co to do anything okay so I’m scanning my driver’s license in their webcam are you sure this is not like stealing my identity I bike stroke American Alana’s because it’s this crap the document now like I’ve no time doing learn another going to take over the entire internet on a certain date in September for throwing a secret party we paid 100k to have come and hang out party it’s coming we’re inviting all these people coming till wage yeah so he put six thousand dollars into a cryptocurrency then what it turn into I say like your integrand oh yes everyone has me money to your house let me see [Music] okay honestly mornings are like brutal and cuddle what it is but like the only way I can do it if I have somebody to work out with and so private like 50 minutes over to Russell’s house just because it’s a great way to start today and I need a great certain vagueness to be a long long day painful mornings are there’s nothing better Sun coming up like that looking kind of dark here alright see if he’s awake not yet I’m really hoping he comes in here because I’m like that tired and hate someone help me hit lift Doolin dad’s that comes later look who just rolled in baby whoa [Laughter] eight o’clock Monday morning and even wait see all the craziness and the fun stuff can be happening here take a look [Music] hi so this week’s been amazing cuz we got all of the tech founders and partners and guys here I am the non tech founder you can’t actually code into anything from the storytelling sounder I’m not anyway they’re here coding everything they’re amazing but check this out we have at least glass walls in our office there these are all glass frames we kind of cool cuz they’re not white board room to code not you guys are using all of it let’s go right but if I’m doing this right yeah I’ve got using a beautiful mind so this is what we’re doing this is the beautiful minds I think you guys are here and you click on one of those what happens when that like what is that other than what I think that’s how we do it settles our glass goes walls apparently [Music] so I wasn’t going to film today I’m really tired but phones that are amazing box in the mail which had a whole bunch of cool things like for example wrestling head gear that’s a quick funnel or has a quick pose logo on it which is amazing a much other stuff but then gets better I got a quick little wrestling in put it yeah in 15 years I think you have what I think you have to put it on I’m gonna put that on right now that’s a requirement I think she wrote out of the box look at here you look at that I’m not trying on the office I’ll try an eyes again to our nose sir Jamie Smith has just built in the inventory labeling so dine inventory labels so what yes no way yeah say you’re not tracking inventory just shows just like nor want to track inventory you go in and you say only I want to show it is only X left and it will show like this no and we’ll have your page a preview and then it shows for every product how many are available how many are left it’s your stable you do sales and sell out and then it stopped selling them that’s right urgency scarcity social proof so we’ve got three different models of labels we’ve got a one that is therefore urgency and scarcity which is only X left we’ve got a number for social proof which is how many have been sold and a number that’s just your basic of how many of how many have been sold so you know three of a hundred solo oh so cool [Music] [Music] all right something exciting is about to happen so this guy named Todd right here he has the genius for many reasons he built quick funnels and pretty much marsh person ever met but he knows how to do a thing where he takes money and turns it into more money for example talk about your crypto beanies how much you share numbers letter to currencies are going crazy right now so there’s all kinds of different stuff happening in the marketplace but I know how much money you made I guess yeah so he put six thousand dollars into a cryptocurrency yeah right and then what did it turn into like today was like for going to Grand oh I want to throw us one of one of the mini that was about the best but yeah okay so we also the Bitcoin he’s done how many other things different ones like a theory I’m like coin veritasium like so many messages they came member that six thousand dollars that you spent on your stupid thing that didn’t do anything well I turned into 300 thousand dollars so I’m like oh my gosh I want to puke so Todd here and he just set up with the called coinbase let’s how easy its way to get into the market right to start purchasing the main currencies so talk and go buy bunch of crap right now to fake their fake theme right they it’s magic money it’s just magic dust that doesn’t actually exist right so he’s going to buy a new bunch right how much can I spend today the corn base is gonna limit it’s going to be like seven to fifteen grand something maybe yeah so excited what okay we logged in today we feel contoured yet excited have enough pain okay Todd’s warning is yet to the clown burning like literally like a on fire in case it doesn’t work or turns into a billion dollars so one of the other IV decided by n so this looks like right now four days so this is I can have ten thousand dollars I can never get my 10 grand this week this weaker every day ten grand worst-case scenario I break I lose everything I can’t lose more than ten right I’m not going to sell until at least 2020 2020 is when the next having happened at that time the supply of Bitcoin cuts an app they like flow the coin and inflation between twenty to two years now 2020 so you buy at the earliest so like remarkable rare play this right now features from mark my word it 2020 where to come back to this video right now will tell you what this turn grant and your infidelity for 40 or 50 grand per coin or whatever per coin terminal how many coin tell you with this five right okay bitcoin best seems to be the other we run of bitcoins what how we’re going to go into the market so we’re actually going to start there we’re going to convert our US dollars to Bitcoin and then once we have Bitcoin we can buy other alternative cryptocurrency we go that’s our new currency I promise I’m not gonna go to jail I’m not gonna go to jail those big tax okay so I’m scanning my driver’s license in their webcam everybody’s you’re having right now yeah like you sure this is not like doing my identity I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this on my 2020 or something okay so if I get stroke Americans want is because it’s this crap some document now like I’ve not I’m doing I paint accidentally okay if it reminds a Bitcoin PI so we’re going to we’re about equal amounts I think I’m gonna do like 2300 here cuz we’re gonna buy a single Bitcoin so you can have a whole one like 15 other bucks here $15,000 for Lindsay rejection oh I own Bitcoin aetherium investor was that me what the you want behind that they’re like okay fine third one pushing about max whatever till one you buy so I actually get real coins there’s this like fun a silver you don’t get to hold on to it in your hand oh alright you own 25 by coin remember like alloys okay yeah Justin played last hour or so it’s a 2.8 percent yes it’s in Chester boom yes I have an almost 3 percent return on my money so Todd talked me into investing in still we’re back in the day mocha and they have a silver app and like every like 30 seconds I liked refreshed yep Mike oh poor were down I’d like to keep in mind your house elements for three years after after like I think that’s like six days I had an ulcer I’d like Julia the app like screw still work and I hid in my basement ever since just kid I like melted it down and yet oh it’s moved you just moved do you see that to move up or down without so do I make money you gotta stop obsessing over the side try get back to Vegas money we will sell something that stresses me out if we’re to log out and forget your password oh yeah do hours later all right so we did the whole thing we didn’t have time to bring on video camera just top secret meeting but Des Moines recap what’s happened I don’t know where to start okay final syndicate what we’re doing is it’s an internet takeover plan we’re gonna take it over the entire internet on a certain date in September where you will see nothing else but the rollout of a viral video that we can’t even disclose right now so basically what we’re doing is dream 100 on steroids we’re trying to do 100 our known market that viral videos aren’t real eight aren’t relying upon are no market is relying upon like shareability invisibility so we’re throwing a secret party in Boise we paid a hundred K to have Gary B come and hangouts party he’s coming we’re inviting all these people coming you see people have anywhere from a millions like 10 million fans followers spreads through the secret meeting where they come here they can see I’m going to get personal video for everything one of them all like loominatee ish user Instagram YouTube blog Twitter any person who have anyone over a million people they’re all going to be here to listen and see and literally change the entire area police know it has to happen their custom is what I think it has to happen please going to happen they all say no and we’re like the other girl the party they say yes raha guerilla party busy they’re going to flop really bad or explode this thing beyond all belief with you can that what’s happened to the honey room in the hospital dividing the whole work time you Johnson I can’t wait there’s some late if we execute this you will hear about bragging about this for eons if we do you’re never hear about it again that’s how you know how wet so happy firming we only share the highlight reel so it’s on the highlight area yeah which is like the Delray next day everyone money they wonder another vixen she wearing entrepreneurs for an audience of real entrepreneurs people are actually building their businesses when I first planned to do this interview it was about today’s guest book and I did great another book book by a software entrepreneur that’s out there and I ready in five minutes I said Andrew this is maybe the greatest most powerful non-fiction book writers Robert uomini book actually are working on all of the pages for the final hacker cookbook which are not amazing Jake science of psych here is this page it’s there’s a low element surveillant button please like that so those are the ingredients for the page recipe and then connect here it’s like here’s how it actually looks there’s a section and around the elements inside and I actually build a squirrel version of each one for I think squirrels because in the viral video I’ll a team squirrel this is now we’re making the different squirrel reports and videos and into the NP and that’s what we’re all doing right now so kind of let me just go back the first new scroll painting in a free yes everyone has new one your house coming soon all right it’s like 10 o’clock night Russell’s doing a Facebook live here basically trying to find that designers who will come out to Boise and design templates for us so see how it all goes alrights been with you today Wednesday I so the end of Wednesday take me Thursday this is the third day in a row we’ve been here for all night Jake Highfill entire feel good it is the suit out it is it is 128 in the morning 120 the morning and this is a project that I thought we keep them between two three and four o’clock today basically long and I saw and the programmers all went out drinking and dancing in some karaoke yet anyway are going to bed you’re going to bed your workaholic all right

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That one where we bought cryptocurrency & todd teaches us about it … Funnel hacker TV Episode 36

That one where we bought cryptocurrency & todd teaches us about it … Funnel hacker TV Episode 36