That One Where We Had A Thanksgiving Party Russell Brunson Style … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 70

What’s up? So we have some true online marketing and marketing funnel value bombs for you in this episode.

I want to make you watch to learn the secrets but holding back on the fact that ClickFunnels™ is now testing out Apple Pay and Android payment is just too exciting! Ooops… Marketing Secrets out!

Russell Brunson shows us how to host the best of all Thanksgiving celebrations with bubble soccer, trampolines, kickball and so much more right in Boise, Idaho!

Todd Dickerson is in the game! Sharing his ClickFunnels™ Atlanta journey with us after Russell Brunson sent him all the daily vlog goods! Drones, cameras, and more!

ClickFunnels™ is not only the best sales funnel and marketing funnel software available we are taking the online business world by storm. Implementing new features to the ClickFunnels™ marketing platform constantly for you all out there funnel hacking!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 70 (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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[Music] today is Thanksgiving and we’re gonna have a huge party in our house from the new field [Music] we have been working for a while leaking information out to you guys about some features that are gonna increase conversions and make you more money right it’s a party’s about you know what is it today see happy thanksgiving when the blow to the huge bubbles yeah each about gems they’re loud what do you do for you too loud how you do that see that the bubbly too loudly blah blah she’s gonna plug your ears that’s the plan we blowin up a Sox bubble soccer balls Creek bet at football basketball soccer balls volleyballs it’s gonna be a party [Music] all right so this Thanksgiving and so we are starting a new tradition called party at the Brunson’s house we’ve got last night I mean Ayden went and we bought a couple of balls they’ve all did you get it yep we got a lot of balls and frisbees and everything for the party and then you ready we got a bunch of bubble soccer so you got the volleyball court the trampoline pit the track get the soccer / football flash bubble soccer field over there basketball happen here move the ball over the party’s officially started a finish you said it [Applause] [Music] alright as the Guinness Book of World Record bubble soccer hold on teach these guys the rules we’ve got orange team versus the blue team okay all right guys you ready the game has officially begun [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what’s up everybody Todd here coming at you from Atlanta I’m going to start filming the first episode of funnel hacker TV Atlanta I just got a bunch of the video equipment here from Russell and the guys in Boise and just trying to unbox it and figure it all out we got a DJI Mavic got a bunch of chargers and video stuff we got some car mounts and other video stuff so anyway I’m gonna try to get all this stuff hooked up and I’m gonna jump in the car and head to the office here in Canton Georgia dueling they have seconds later alright everybody so I’m just recapping in my head over on boxer with all the guys trying to figure out what has to happen in the next two days we got a short week this week it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m just trying to get home and go to family events and holidays and all this fun stuff so we have to funnel years to accomplish a lot of stuff we got the new auto webinar homepage we’re gonna be trying to get live and that has produced the highest opt-in rate we have ever seen on any opt-in page we’ve ever done so why not put it where we get the most traffic right if it’s ruining the highest ROI of and or things and we put it on the homepage we’re getting all the free traffic so we’re gonna try there if we’re gonna see what happens and hopefully it’s miss amazing results and create insane EPCs for our affiliates we also have Android pay and Apple pay that are in the final testing phases internally with our own stuff so we’re gonna be actually rolling that out to the first private beta testers public beta testers I guess you can call it probably the inner circle people and some of the certified partners and all that good stuff so we rolling that out in the very near future in the next day or two we’ll have it actually for those guys to start testing and then for everyone else to get access to shortly after that we also have something you may have seen us do on one of our pages as we kind of stealth roll out haven’t really talked about it at all that I’m aware of but Facebook opt in we’re actually gonna be enabling that as an option for people so you can put it on your landing page and let people opt in with Facebook by clicking a button instead of actually typing in their email address which this ties in to getting all their facebook data and you have access to so we’re gonna be doing both those and also I just saw the new affiliate bootcamp which isn’t so insane it’s so exciting that it’s yeah I don’t know if how much I can talk about that right now but there’s some awesome graphics that the guys support on Jake’s been working really hard on and yeah it’s gonna be and say it’s gonna be this amazing way for everyone to get affiliate training the top-notch quality stuff super easy and without having to sign up and pay for anything really so I’ll just leave it at that for now and I’m gonna keep going and try and knock out all these things in the next two days so yes one should solder a late this is our current all’s here in Georgia take you on a little trip here time to talk rustling to buy in that building across the street there for some reason he says it’s too big but it’s got a really nice auditory a minute that he can come speak at snow that could be kind of cool all right I’m gonna get to work one bun no Nathan I just got some exciting news and today just got a whole lot more exciting because of it so we have been working for a while leaking information out to you guys about some new features that are gonna increase conversions and make you more money basically and one of them just went live and I just put it live on the funnel hacking live page for the event I’m gonna turn around here shows off that right there would be Android pay which pops up if you’re using Chrome browser or Android devices and gives you the option to one-click pay so here you can come in here and you can click this button and it’ll pop up which I don’t want to pull up my personal details right now but you click these button and it will pop up the details there and let you click one button to pay so you want to fill out any of this actual information on the contact form and then same thing works on Safari so here we have one with some fake information there but click Apple pay pops up here and if you’re using one of the new fancy MacBooks get this little button here it says touch ID to pay click funnels put your fingerprint there and you’re done click Apple pay finger down done no extra steps and the exact thing works on the phone same process you click Apple pay pops up fingerprint done you’re paid super simple process now for mobile conversions and we’re testing it right now on split testing it live so we’re gonna see what kind of results we get and we’ll keep you guys updated but should be amazing [Music] [Music] what’s up everybody Thanksgiving break is over and heading back to the office for the first day and it’s already crazy its Cyber Monday and everyone is apparently sending out their stuff at the exact same time which we knew that would happen so I just got done talking to Ryan and they’re basically at the office now finding things off and making sure everyone’s emails and messages and everything are going out as fast as humanly possible so that’s gonna be fun today making sure everybody’s stuffs going crazy because today is gonna be a massive day for everyone’s traffic and everybody knows everyone’s everything that’s going on so that’s gonna be fun and I also just talking to Russell I had kind of an epiphany breakthrough on one of the cool features we’re working on right now and I think effectively I think it’s gonna be awesome I think what sure we’re gonna end up being able to produce is just like our order form bumps which if you’re using an order form bump like kind of across the board an average ticket averages like 25-30 percent you’re gonna see increases in sales and I think we’re gonna introduce opt in for bumps and I just I may just leave it at that for right now and you’ll just have to wait and see what that actually is but I think it’s pretty awesome and I just sent over Russell the details of it and we’re gonna see what he thinks about that oh hey crypto currencies what what’s going on with that right now we’re about to hit 10,000 dollars I might say I told you so I definitely was telling Russell back a few months ago I expected 10,000 by the end of the year and I’m not sure if I actually believed it would happen I kind of expected it to but I definitely wasn’t positive and didn’t necessarily believe it and it is happening it did happen so anyway that’s crazy that’s amazing and I think we’re still just getting started there which call it a bubble if you want but it’s a bubble to still spring to run I think anyway [Music] you [Music]

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That One Where We Had A Thanksgiving Party Russell Brunson Style … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 70

That One Where We Had A Thanksgiving Party Russell Brunson Style … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 70