That one where we had lunch with Studio C. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 20

If you don’t know who Studio C you might be living under a rock ;p They have an amazing Comedy Sketch channel here on Youtube with 1.4 Million Subscribers.

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 20 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we had lunch with Studio C.

See their Channel here :

all right so the last two my kids are leaving me you see I didn’t find officially alone but for just one and there’s your face you sung out the studio see guys a couple minutes right now [Music] [Applause] [Music] morning everybody my wife took our thrilled with kids to Washington DC in New York for the next week I had my two youngest as for last day and a half I couldn’t want to take Aiden to Studio C concert you’re about to go to studio C with Aidan and buddy Luke and now we have great time there this morning my mother-in-law took two kids with her so I’m home alone the most people in the home alone where they do I’m going to be building a lot of photos one thing I’d take sides of the bundles is the students the actors were actually clean out to lunch today so maybe I’ll bring you along and not I’m going to get a lot of stuff done I don’t sleep the next week I get three work days done every single day so I’m excited all right so today starting with me in my new self mikaze because we have been kicked out of house is being remodeled so that’s what I’m gonna be eating for breakfast lunch I’m on a one salad that they died right now so I’m gonna be doing lunch with COC team but I’m actually lightest I’ve been since I was wrestling in college sudden losing a lot of weight and then for dinner I’m going to be switching over to bone broth for dinner so stalling these out this is my favorite kind this is gonna be if you dinner tonight for breakfast looks like whole bunch starts with the powders round one [Music] breakfast yeah Cabana outside to get to the car and ring maximum being film photos all day today so here is the better they’ve been ripping out of my house the last week the entire thing which is why we are living the pool house you cannot wait for summer to be over so we can get back to normal life [Music] all right now man here Billy clothes on I it also happen to be the World Team Trials so I you to watch the best match of that versus Kyle date four-time NCAA champ and it’s nice for us and ruin burles Olympics um anyway so I’ll be watching this vlog um funnels [Music] [Music] Prime 3 hours in federal building and restrooms at a break whispers nursing wrestling commentary which is kind of funny and then I give the funnel I’ll put together it’s clicking awesome racket anyway but SUSE I’ll go to lunch 4 o’clock let’s keep it so heading out now to go fit in see if I can keep it [Music] what’s up excited OPA – peeps hi who’s your favorite man dad Brent links Matt the bearish on a nice kind of dude did your wife know this is gonna be really weird can be awkward here’s your stuff with crevel everyone does look nice everyone’s a girly boy I wore my own t-shirt because I woke up this morning in a you woke oh yes life we have professional tumblr here we want to see the tumbling move [Music] look out for now you see come we say el distrito see guys all right so I would excuse me I missed the first mass apparently date B burrows earlier today which is insane so he was an Olympic champion sport I’m NCAA champs that’s the first time takes everyone which is crazy but best of three so seviche more matches coming up [Music] [Music] alright we’re passing 11:45 p.m. and I think it got funnel number one mostly done with my part of it so check it out this is the new funnel you offer once everybody this ruffle button and it feels really cool away it’s like a strange like pattern interrupt you like different angle thing behind you a way to trim pretty cool and then that here’s the offer they give the print newsletter putting these bonuses you come here software siding all the software for free we partnered with Jamie Smith CF Pro Tools got his scripts for free then you get this little box like my favorite you get all the training as well i up to headline training for free and as your options to join it was cool about this is i wanted to make this like homepage and see real quick glimpse of what it is you’re selling so a couple of strategies number one is the core offer is right here this is this is the sales pitch everything is contained here and so this doesn’t work if you’re trying to explain a sales pitch basically like this is the pitch this is the newsletter so it is and then down below it’s like all the bonus leave for free so that’s when this type of thing works good I don’t like having an offer where it’s like a continuity offers especially hard because you’re usually people whole bunch of stuff and it’s easy to muddy the waters make it confusing so I should I make it very simple what they are buying is this the newsletter that’s it and it’s like down below there’s also to you for free so everything else is just stuff they get for free so free free software free sell screens free it’s free it’s free and then if they want more info on ones will say like oh what’s the split ends will click on this and there’s a whole page like this we’re not I pitched yeah muscle Don but now this becomes the focal point of the entire message is this product and it’s like buy it you get it for free we drink from the University it’s the book the book the book the book the book the book both the same offer right so that’s kind of the strategy behind it is each page is only its focus on the one core things self somebody the home page is up the home page books and one core things and there’s blocks that push people actually other ones if they something’s going to treat them so I I’m a name since concept yet we’re remodeling I found a fun I really like called on purple calm it was recently done follow you it’s kind of strategy that they used and I think it like esepcially I really liked someone hacking them by the way that’s liked how it works like here’s a core message boom and then it’s like here’s things you can buy from them and then it’s like each one of these if you click on it opens up the Association just for that with all our buttons anyway phone hack in and is fine it’s the final act purple on purple calm for from a use new sales funnel to be coming soon live to phone you use

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That one where we had lunch with Studio C. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 20

That one where we had lunch with Studio C. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 20