That one where we “Just Do It” like Shia – Funnel Hacker TV Episode 32

On this episode, it’s crunch time busting stuff out as fast as we can before Russell heads out on vacation!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 32 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we “Just Do It” like Shia…

just do it make your dreams come true [Music] all right if I’m working I got the coolest text ever we made 72 thousand dollars additional for the last two days from where I learned at the retreat that’s how it works you guys just makes people crap into money and all they wanna do is give you more of it yeah I remember following you yet you must hate money is dis ruin so just do it I’m trying to record the entire falafel cookbook today ha ha ha suckered sneak peek of what market cookbook is going to be looking like what guys good morning I’m up early because we have a case you live on today to watch sketches episode I still have to get this stuff in this morning because I didn’t do it last night but well this morning I get a message from Kevin and he’s like hey this present for you inside Dropbox so I go in there look and check out what I just gasped Oh the power calls bunnell hacker yeah the funnel occupier Cove Edition which you probably are seen at this point for me it’s brand-new and look at that like just intro and then I’m going to use on the drink this morning from paralysis our kitchen is still thrashed and Oakland podcast I guess what my favorite podcast is updated they quit updating em from afar but it’s there a millionaire if their podcast just and Tara they update it so I got it now there’s all these things keeping me from doing the annoying project I don’t want to do I listen to a podcast for 30 minutes gonna watch this 10 then I’m basically lost my shot oh I hate the left piece of the project you don’t want to do but that’s where I’m at [Music] alright one hour down one funnel done okay here’s marker your duties Marcus graph rate the top one yeah two down two to go NORs Washington hires Cove Baraka TV first second time today oh there was swim in Jake high schoo what’s up everybody this is Russell Brunson and welcome to the marketing secrets podcast like [Music] all right so we’re the office we’ve made to us everything I get done today before vacations officially starts this by the way is probably what most people would do in how many months I mean at least probably reposition all right so we are doing QA funnel this is like a thirty minute video 20 minute video final you issues which is to ten minute videos then sketches attendances whole funnel university issue then we got to do these funnels funnel scripts funnel hacks and extra stickers funnels clothes hand write all the emails for that three funnels should be finalized within only a knock off all those finally and then we got to do Tantra cookbook I got to redo the outline I got an update the Trello board and you sketch out all of the new pages and the new funnels that sucks Jake said have been drama long gone next week and then I get Levi all the content for the books I’m trying to record the entire book for a lot of cookbook today haha sucks anyway and then I still have all my to do’s and whole bunch of watch I got most of my boxers done last night this is my phone already it’s been a long morning already me boxers I have left Oh see I’m getting that boxer like seven boxers but took a my so I used tomorrow that do to my to-do app this is all the RAM stuff because my head to other day so I forget it I feel the Sun Tzu’s today so starting with funnel you we’re going to go to chord two funnels for the issue you gotta remember following you yet you must hate money that’s all that’s Tiffany other explanation let’s do that because when I first was starting like it took you guess you follow hack you try to figure it’s going on so we just tell you do it all told you got a cellphone I talked about a funnel he builds a funnel and then he just got it so just do sir wit we show them the clip yeah one time we were doing a fun hackathon event and we put in our office and so we put this on repeat for like 12 hours just don’t let your dreams be dreams yesterday you said tomorrow so just do it make your dreams come true just do it but some people dream success while you’re going to wake up and work hard at nothing is impossible make your dreams come true it’s look like if we literally found one that was like a 25 hour loop and we looped it for entire hackathon in other words just do it Ryan and Todd Evers like W just do it man I would go quick photo awesome better than that thank you sign on the buff just do it what’s up everybody welcome to follow University today is excited hustle mode officially on and we’re talking about a really cool funnel ystem you just probably stopped it didn’t know the strategy behind strategy [Music] all right I’m working I got the coolest text ever it’s like my favorite text to get so I mean I mean it’s you guys says from Ray Higdon who is amazing it says we made send a $2,000 additional for the last two days from what I learned at the retreat how do I send you the 25 shake that’s how it works you guys just makes people crap ends of money and all they want to do is give you more of it so ray you’re amazing Congrats and excited to have you in the inner circle man and fermented watching – this is going good we busted out for more you busted that and that I’ve got like three hours left but I go on vacation until I’m around time some kind of quickly go through get an entire phone book all updated so to see what I’m doing here’s my project manager style so happening in trellis I’ve Trello here or all the elements go by cookbook you click on that and inside that these are all the elements and here’s what has to happen for each element and who is associated with each of those so you have those for all the elements inside ClickFunnels™ which are a lot and there are the pages so each page then is it page you have to create here’s a lot of checklists for each page and people associated it’s out something renowned we got the funnel of very move over to all this stuff so there’s ton happening here there’s a sneak peek of what like a cookbook is going to be looking like what which is kind of cool all right now I’m just coming here and putting that – duze for each person and check out how cool if I have an email here go to my team kind of walk you through everything so Trello makes it really easy where I can go here right order forms and it’s same – dues for each things I click on that I probably made Templar something that’s above my pay grade by copying there and checks out terms of all entities and tags all right people we have time for the vacations if you can queue it up so that when I get back this would be like 90% done I got child stuff we got check us out we’re going here loot loop loop awesome laughing happened today and a second crap oh pretty get over all got to do is check this out so rash like three-fourths of others deer only care about some marking on uh-huh which means all done sir for two things cladded create like twin minute videos for both of those and it’s now four or five nine eight home pack because I leave in like 55 minutes so that’s game plan I’ll get those done I get back from vacation so I’m gonna go pack and then dip the car and we’re driving all right goal is to get the door by buttons is now currently it applies to be in our first half-hour step by midnight NORs McCarthy what’s up where we going guys it’s gonna be a party here we go Oh have an arrow [Applause] [Music] holiday Oh [Applause] [Music]

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That one where we “Just Do It” like Shia – Funnel Hacker TV Episode 32

That one where we “Just Do It” like Shia – Funnel Hacker TV Episode 32