That one where we launched my Drop The Mic Show… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 31

On this episode, it’s all about funnel building and new up and coming products…

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 31 (Behind The Scenes Show)
The one where we launched my Drop The Mic Show…

all right guys it’s a big moment I just got an email Dan Kennedy well actually not emailed they have an email list system the entire company’s not allowed to actually have email so instead of email it’s not faxes so this is my email from Dan Kennedy well we are you helped us today you drop the mic show for $40 and then I’ve get everything prepped and ready for the phone hacker cookbook we are now live all right I’m going to be Fox we go and it should be fun day deeply actually company and good morning everybody so I just told everyone we had to get accomplished today and Jake you said I might be able to pull it off my what did you notice they don’t try there is only do you or do not there is no try alright so we’re going to do it a couple things though today it’s Thursday which is drop the mic Thursday let me call it I don’t know but guess what should I happen to wear today and then what days happening to wear and then wait or all right so we’re we are your home but today oh by the way we know you’re back in town just agreed again alright so we had done you know you then how many of our forty our final value live today or for 48 hours well who’s gonna be done if not if not we’ll stop our heads our favorite unites some people some people’s children all right so that’s going to happen number 1 number 2 JC working on all the onboarding stuff so that our customer support will drop into 90% we’ve got all these amazing new side which is something happening so he’s getting done onboarding that’s one level all more relationship three levels of onboarding 1 2 & 3 this is number two wait 1 & 3 and then there’s like a one A or B these are about yet there’s gonna be amazing we do drop Mike show and then let’s get everything prepped and ready for the funnel hacker cookbook is tomorrow I have to record every page every chapter every element every funnel so that Levi can transcribe one by next week on the trip and it should be a fun day so that’s when I saw that and they Jake’s like I think we can try to do that might know we can do it it’s going to happen I care you guys long and if we actually talk yeah but your little sales video he made for all the phone university products problem that I found out is I said when the world were drawing on the voice-over set to go rerecord two words like 12 times the tonality ones I’d be happy decided and they can match them so it doesn’t seem like recorded to the terms instant image of instant by instant file uploader is another free tool for members of Bunnell University instant file uploader is another free tool for members of funnel universities they can get back to trying to change the world these four funnels then we also think for JV videos for the funnel so that’s what I am now making GV video so you get fully excited to prove this just got the first funnel done which means yeah one one down Oh would alright we just remember that there is the new job Mike Shore starting 12 minutes we forgot eiseley doesn’t find the question the questions we got for today’s show and here are the weather’s like that they’re the best that best via talk faster this time I’m so slow that I didn’t told them take an hour here alright we’re we have more 312 312 wait I thought we’d is an hour last time for one for the 10 yeah and there’s 30 minutes waited five Russell why you talk so much jealous awesome I think it’s really good concept people want to do it alright we’re gonna do it so good we are now live all right I’m gonna be boxbee guy just kind of handy box Avery what’s up welcome to the drop the Mike show we were here Adams the fun and where you start dropping some mics [Music] all right Jenna big bangs get so first off that’s awesome I love it and you may be surprised but I actually have a lot of experience in this around here’s the progression of companies right from fewer million million to ten ten to hundred you everybody fuckity so mark one of the owners of wake shake is here with Kerry plotting world domination he is happening we sit here he’s like oh by the way I want to grip the Grammy Emmy Emmy I want an Emmy right well yeah I wrote produced film edited and did voiceover for my own Grammy that I won so anyway and then he’s like oh yeah and I think the president I states last month – all right well you’re talented all the stuff oh my gosh my country tis of thee sweet land of liberty of thee I see then where my fathers died land of the pilgrims pride from every mountainside let freedom ring heavy brother July [Applause] you all right so in the famous words of Gary the document don’t create so we’re documenting what we created all right and yes I’ve still only got one done but to get all done tonight so what what a good YouTube channel so YouTube channel so we still have drop the mic show as you probably saw so this is how we are going to be dominating Instagram if you look at us right now we have those episodes and all the questions the questions that come here so they’re what I just did is my channel I just did SEO on the very first we have like 20 of these videos in your size to the SEO on the first one here now it’s got video got the question equity Nikko finishing the pygmy down here is question links back to the playlist these blog all their stuff and they’ll just follow so that kind of totally funnel Hagley garyvee same thing so that’s great that’s what I do I’m just going to add a little crazy photo hacking Gary meatball acting you so I just got that done on this video how create the template made the video on how to do it then I did a trouble card plugged in the guys telling how to do it and we’re gonna go back and do it for all the other videos we have in this channel which like a billion there’s all of these visas here and then they got come down deeper my gosh oh these one there’s a lot of them so with nice drop make sure I get Instagram people love me then I create 10 new videos for YouTube plus K 10 more blog post blocks without blog and she’s growing and growing and growing tells them David Taylor or the entire world so that is called creating and this is documenting the creation of a Warren it’s the holy crown were stationed domination we’re going to control everything so hopefully we’re just taking over the internet at a time as long as Dave gets Claire 500,000 subscribers likes like 45 days I could get is only 11 of them come on we know you can do it alright guys the big moment I just got an email Dan Kennedy well actually is not emailed they have an email list system the entire company’s not allowed to actually have email so instead of email it’s not faxes but because we don’t have a fax machines to fax them somebody else that person that puts the facts into an envelope and it shifts the fax to me so this is my email from Dan Kennedy just emailed it was so important we had to fax it to Russell and then ship the facts oh I was I had a phone number in there too okay it really is a fact hey know what I told you about my Gandhi this is how you’re summoned by Dan Kennedy this is the fact this is page The Wizard of Oz how you get a hold of him you have to watch the yellow brick road otherwise ship is actually cool this goes to the level of Avatar gatekeepers our only way to get through this is by faxes so Russell one time no talk I have what I think could be a good opportunity for you as well as a favor as a favor to ask the client I’m doing some consulting with dr. Anita’s pizza has attempted to get through to your staff your assistant says he has been blocked I’m going to suggest you person in conversation with it I imagine that you love to do one-on-one work be my case number is only a potential departure a lot of value to pay there a big opportunity here then fee for services he’s willing to channel promotions of yours to his list okay so I’m going to move in write an email send somebody to fax it to in this is managed to come back to him you will find out in six 10 months what the next step is all right there we go all right some of seven and I still we have one of these done oh I got a bunch of stuff done so I’m headed kids you keep the bed hang up time I quite trip dance that we would sleep there to go and try to get the rest of stuff earth [Music] all right so is 1117 finite kids Abed vacation plan you know trying to stay out trying to get done these four funnels and we got one of the four done so I’m having dilemma do I go to bed and not go out tomorrow tomorrow I’m going on vacation so I got a little short time and I got a bunch of things I want to do they’re fun or do I do honestly there’s a piece of this that I associate with pain you know that is where you like there’s parts of the project you love and the associated pleasure in there’s parts that I like painful all it’s left it’s a painful parts so I don’t want to do them if I did every other project known to man today a kid keep mine Alvin is the house down to 11th hour nice to get him done skim down some all right so it’s almost been there now and I’m done in fact that is that golf so I bought two things so I bought rights two minutes entourage programs three hundred bucks a month there’s dollar trial I mean and talk around the last minute offer on z5 masterclass stink out of your own but I bought it anyway so now I’m in there as I’m going through here I’m looking all the bonuses in one of them says dot-com seekers coaching package what is that they click on it and I forgot that Todd and rich a whole training program if you bought dot-com series book from me which I’m really fascinating to watch now it’s eight nine ten eleven hours on my book anyway they feel good but my tires I’m go to bed so let me show I did so this is what you do if you’re going to go to bed cuz also go to bed tired to do this is done but tired so I did is I move my to-do list over to here so this was going to do right now not we get early get done before all Friday’s that Val you’re working for like a cookbook which is my big project for tomorrow and I leave on vacation so anyway I’m out good night see you soon you

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That one where we launched my Drop The Mic Show… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 31

That one where we launched my Drop The Mic Show… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 31