That one where we Launched our Viral Video and set a World Record… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 56

We set a WORLD RECORD in bubble soccer on the BOISE State football blue turf and Just to top it all off Gary Vaynerchuk was our keynote speaker!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 56 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we Launched our Viral Video and set a World Record…

Nadia but previously on funnel hacker TV he’s got absolutely no idea what gets done in a funnel year what’s all is craziness going on in here how many people we have signed up right now for tomorrow almost 450 this is my base project ourselves other demo pages in order forms cookbook page templates area down at the market I make something to start off maybe first Easter mom yes for 13 we’re still here at 7 a.m. and vacuum two hours I’m not done but really struggling oh my gosh you’re not gonna believe this I walk into the office what do I see yes our dev team still here I know it’s a 7:30 in the morning or something Neve something like that have not slept all night long I don’t know how much coffee and caffeine we’re running on right now but thank you I think Ryan you were saying Russell was a quitter or something like that and have it here he’s not here he’s sleeping I don’t know you left five minutes ago crazy thing [Music] check this out this is basically the game board and we have gamified ClickFunnels™ thank you guys it’s up to you this is gonna be crazy crazy crazy crazy we’ve got the team who had certain load backup stuff we’ve got to get out of here to get down to the stadium to get things filmed and done last of the stuff Oh walked in the prospector marked in the house look at these guys be killing it Wow can you believe this [Applause] we’re little excited just a little excited check out this party holy cow look at this we got the best team in the world today’s viral video launch party at the Boise State Stadium like photos viral video bar day we’re heading down to the stadium right now got a caravan to Parker’s flying so fast and blue by all of them we’ll get there we’re super exciting all right we’re coming in around the corner [Music] they just keep coming in here they come [Music] this is gonna be crazy that is where we’re gonna be the Boise Stickle sky Center is where it’s all gonna go down it’s all gonna be getting really crazy out here setup is taking place all hands-on [Music] look at this guy rolling out the red carpet [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] King was one millisecond one as an incident right it instantly ping and then the download speed is 500 degree in the uploaded 760 2 megabytes per second I’ve never touched internet speed this fast I’m kind of worried we need to somehow we need to figure out how they did this look at those speeds our new toys for the launch party you have the mobi pro so we take this thing off and we also have a car mount so we flip it upside down attach it and I sit on the inside and control it from a PlayStation 4 controller Dan’s always got the coolest toys basic words but last night we had one hour sleep hooked back up came in and since that time we got sales process live demo pages live order form working of the image dumpling Jacob Digital cookbook physical cookbook the game the templates market animations first two emails queued up we got the presentation done I think I’m gonna give the last 15 minutes creating the bubble soccer presentation how we use growth hacking and sales moms go from zero to $1 two years was actually outside funding and now we got to go we gotta go the party’s starting alright so we somehow got everything done it’s funny you have a whole list of all the twos you have you done it in as the hour get closer and closer to use the Jaws jaws job I can email sequence to my two day email secrets all over the next week anyway our beautiful wives are driving us people are coming there’s people from all around the world here for the crazy party doing nervous for you or ice we go happening new squirrel or golden frost I don’t know yeah it’s such a good question I don’t know so I’ll get back to you question of us all sounds good yes oh man what time is everyone get in [Music] I also have been working off the last like six months he is rolling live right now it’s going live I see somebody we’re going live with some show me hi cow training here I’m just gonna do awesome walk throughs we’re watching your games alive yeah we’re gonna put live game on boardings live where I put live the new OTO close so we’re gonna have new one-time offer episode we have a word form I’m sowing they’re weird form bump still in there as well the only thing not live is the new sales pitch new sales page doesn’t go live till you’ve been on stage yeah yeah John how’s things over here what’d you do oh my goodness so I’m trying to get laid pixels and attacking itself a place something’s working to absorb but you know sometimes just gotta go with Facebook’s gonna worked alright mr. bull the streamline that’s what’s real of it YouTube to youtube today YouTube Facebook all right we have double streaming least [Music] all right we Sloan’s video is out here and now we’re trying to now we Mel’s we go about today was going 24/7 here you go here you know I we had 21 thousand views i refresh the page I’m already at 41 41 thousand what [Applause] [Music] this is off-the-charts crease so I have the opportunity of being here with Philip from Guinness World Records [Music] [Music] oh you got one that you actually see and breathe through you got way lucky I can’t that’s death I can’t see anything Julius Dean guys super excited I can see muscles my I’m gonna leave his card in the middle Wow like what that for just turn into the Queen Julius that’s crazy squeeze on to the guts okay here we go we’ll need two we’re gonna be the cause disappear do you believe me bouncer checkout no way dude that’s crazy Julius did anyone else here listen to a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk earlier you popped up now this is a brand new category forget about records we need to see 50 of you participating for the full 30 minutes that means actively involved if you do not take part actively one of the stewards on the sidelines will give you a tap on the shoulder and say come with me we’re going to take you out of the game so the rest of them can play properly all in good shape so this is an official Guinness World Records attempt and we start with Dave says so [Applause] [Music] you gather here today the click phones the bank which was fantastic you were also here for the attempt of the largest name of bubble soccer 100 of you started with a score of 1 at halftime and a full time score of 2-1 you finished with 99 and a new Guinness World Records title it is my distinct pleasure against my records difficult the Russell Dave and Todd the executive management even though [Music] [Applause] [Music] whatever even how you’re still going like jello how many hours you’ve been awake by the one nap in the middle if it wasn’t bad about 48 hours 48 hours strong all right everybody listen up all right so rap battle just broke out in the middle of a party [Applause] we did it they did it over it’s funny how you pull this off you did it it’s crazy it’s so crazy I don’t say it it’s over it’s done all him I don’t know he did it up my gosh y’all yeah it was everybody is everybody everybody was amazing in the world one away [Music]

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That one where we Launched our Viral Video and set a World Record… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 56

That one where we Launched our Viral Video and set a World Record… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 56