That One Where We Launched The Biggest Webinar In History … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 63

When is the last time you heard of an 82% webinar optin rate? We know what you are thinking … a webinar optin rate of 82% is not possible. But we have defied the webinar odds and crushed that goal with our biggest webinar ever with over 9,000 people!

We worked crazy hard to fill the biggest webinar in history and it was a HUGE success! Russell was working on an hour and half of sleep and still CRUSHED it!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 63 (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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this is the most amazing webinar opportunity we’ve ever done is it you gonna be mad in like five years now when everybody on earth can see your huge zip in this video I was like to even think about it too right yeah all right we’re one hour away from webinar going live we have like 9,500 people registered for this less than 48 hours we pulling out who the largest eleven are event in the history of the world this is gonna destroy anything we’ve ever done in the past we’ve all read Russell oh yeah it’s gonna be awesome oh yeah bombs away here we go [Music] [Applause] like three hours man good morning everybody we’re back for round whatever I’m running out and we’ve had a great idea so you remember this from yesterday I drink the tears of my enemies so when people buy in the phonics webinar Jake’s in the designer shirt it says like click funnels or funnel hacker I drink the tears of my enemies and they’ll get a t-shirt that literally says that when they invest today that’s like the greatest shirt ever today it could be simple though these complicated sunny d1e ever since 91 all right so this is if you haven’t seen it yet the official ClickFunnels™ wrapped this is a Sunny D and click phones rap so we thought our next funnel swag would be boom supercalilistic the coolest okay so we’re working on the set up for post webinar registration we’re consulting the squirrel see what he would do if he was here in this room with the squirrel man what would you do interesting it’s a mess we bout to start filming everything’s set up start rolling cameras and then John’s like hey is it you gonna be mad in like five years now when everybody on earth can see your huge dip in this video I was like wait didn’t even think about it till right now no so now we got hair makeup coming in I don’t even know what’s my color this lipstick tonight no but it [Music] John made it a big deal we started rolling cameras like way a whole lot I get that huge is it between your eyes do you want that there that is the most awesome t-shirt camera huh so you do a guy the girl for sure get people blew it yeah oh yeah pink and blue all right so it’s 232 and I don’t start on women or yet 24 and a half hours so we go live but sent emails about to go out so emails going out to knit up boom Todd sending out intercom messages John setting up Facebook Messenger messages bombs away here we go [Music] it’s adopted rate right now it’s been 20 minutes it’s a little bit 20 minutes it’ll think like another two hours for all the emails being sent out like we just figured out how to rape number one a little bit oh yeah oh yeah it’s been just over an hour and how many we got so far 65 2500 register but check it out the operation actually going up eighty three point four seven percent these stats can’t lie if they wanted to what [Music] [Applause] okay so I just got mostly turned on so the whole odds probably know and I’m like Louie what we’re doing we’re kind of like Larry Page coming in and you know hey guys this is the algorithm Google go so we’re gonna click function cool all right my name is OSA Brunson and Ivan cool stuff this guy this guy but uh recently featured on this but we’re more site about is helped our metropolitan Q comma close would is my so exciting you see there’s tons of people over hundred fifty people it’s growing all the time and like that’s our most excited about there were fun ones new opportunities all selling will happen online or how also not my will be done the future old ways like spline for involve in a new way is this that’s that’s the souls are um and clicked on this is how entrepreneurs literally change the world now my deafness doctor somebody took responsibility for problem that wasn’t their own hey what’s up date alright how many hours are now uh uh what time do we do it two hours in yeah and we are at 38 this isn’t a 31-6 eighty-three percent off the rate I got it for 60 slides down halfway done but I head home for Scouts right now so you guys I’m keep busting crap out and then we’ll be back to finish this puppy out if your hour so let’s plan we’re back Scouts has done kids are in bed we got twelve hours left so I’ll pull the Stachel quick swing see so we’ve been five hours since we’ve launched this thing whereas we are at 5300 to pursue a job site conversion rate all right it’s true 8:00 in the morning here’s the proof if you don’t believe me whoop and just got done through slide number almost under slides whoo [Music] we’re back for an half hours sleep ready for round whatever on the big webinars happening today we’ve got like seven thousand people registered [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] all right whoo you’re one out away from webinar going live is 154 and I just got done with all of the intro stuff all the way down through the transition so 83 I’ve got 112 slides so far and I got one hour to finish the entire stack and close which takes me almost an hour to do the stack and close therefore we got it yeah this would be easy come here Esther now 90 300 or so Russell’s been working on for like two days straight almost like building this webinar and he’s like the last few slides aren’t perfect but hey dude you gotta do yeah he is freaking ass we were supposed to go in live in 4 minutes and 59 seconds we have like 9,500 people registered for this we’ve never had a webinar with this people registered listen you’ve got this as far as the presentations you’re working what do you want the camera on that one as well did you have to go back and forth if ever it’s not flip right here can’t keep going videos no video settings I don’t know any other participants no good start where start video is a little caret we’re going left to right hand video settings I know you’re real participant click on that the records here okay let’s go look he’s muted still okay but we’re broadcast on attendees right yeah well welcome everybody to the web class today so exciti have you guys here alright so we’re gonna kick this off I apologize for starting a few minutes too late the last 48 hours have been insane I wish you guys could see glimpse back here Todd taker seduced my co-founder and click throws you see his picture there on the screen he came to town to suite on Monday and we started looking in numbers and crunching stuff and then by Tuesday right oh my gosh we started seeing all these amazing patterns I hear all the time that are like well we’ll pause work for my business and I always cut a joke Mike well it only works if your business needs customers or lead [Music] no sir rain started go to ClickFunnels™ calm / start oh dude that was like three hours of an intense take time you okay Russell nice job seriously Amanda fantastic leave my body I’m like if I wanted to edit

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That One Where We Launched The Biggest Webinar In History … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 63

That One Where We Launched The Biggest Webinar In History … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 63