That one where we left early for Wrestling Practice. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 18

Clickfunnels™ Wrestling Practice – That one where we left early

Clickfunnels™ Wrestling Practice: On this episode of Funnel Hacker TV, see behind the scenes of what’s going on over at Click Funnels HQ and what we get up to outside of the office…. Wrestling!!

Clickfunnels™ Wrestling Practice: We are wrestling practice tonight

[Music] [Music] we are wrestling practice tonight to my buddy’s criminal wrestles which means this restaurant Matt we’ve got to clean [Music] my wife always ask me you always shower to free wrestle interest yes your ruffle from one your clothes and if you stinky kid they’re from biohacking our next photo so you move James Newark if you got a sweet viral videos watch yesterday I’m here buddy Wow news / we just brought through 59,000 copies of expert

secrets plus 7,000 copies on Amazon [Music] I think you tonight on traffic stuff you listened to me talk recently about creativity switchable zero seven seven four eighty five years here where the entrepreneur focused creativity so I’m in the Phase three we’re taking a focused on traffic traffic generation so that’s what’s happening I’m having a blast doing it [Music] [Applause] [Music] that’s a girl that’s junkie what I’m here fine Wow I’m officially verified

Instagram he tell you she’s noticed it just dude I’m officially legit legit man yeah a week ago they kicked me off that was a legit then actually gave me swipe up data give me blue Marta cool Thank You J smeared own 16 thousand followers version and just verify verified on Instagram Wow yeah all right so we got a marketing and science of lesson for everyone this right here is one of the original J Peterman catalogs from 1994 and I just explained to Melanie how Elaine Benes on Seinfeld works because JP Raquel is actually a real catalog look at this every piece has

Clickfunnels™ Wrestling Practice: PJ Peterman catalog writing copy

like this amazing copy written the scene was not working big the gaffers the cameraman the focal puller all smelled trouble the directors pretend to be calm ashes quick is lucky indigo vest he’s curiously smoking a Cuban cigar he says he can keep aces the scene requires a single take your whispers into certainty or something something aimed to annoy a fasten your seat belt is going to be a bumpy night the director wins second back-to-back Academy Award that’s amazing that’s the director shirt every one of the products has like amazing coffee so the joke is gonna Lane got a job or PJ Peterman catalog writing copy anyway but these are cons any base these are a bunch of the old ones from 94 screen 94 and someone else I wanted to see the old school copy it’s amazing it’s so awesome so cool good

copy guys study good copy [Music] fifteen show up today with our competitors newsletters men ours check out ours this month bottle University the homepage funnel so good you have to traffic and then we go through and show exactly what we’re doing here and why what is the homepage funnel Russell why are these things all in here it’s guys cool and then number two mx4 max 101 and kind of broke back down these things and how we use some hacking to build out this page oh we talk about traffic temperature in here as well too anyway so she was awesome so if you remember falling you you got it if not you’re crazy gonna follow you calm you signed up so there you go alright this

update so I am type of course be part of this flex newsflash newsflash we just crossed through 59,000 copies of expert secrets in less than two months really just threw the book funnel though yeah through the book bottle plus our publisher just let us know they sold 7,000 copies on Amazon that squeeze me 7,000 people korean Prout one amazon Lee am not one people don’t like but I got one I hate funnels I always go down to people who are dying to get the book before the book actually we actually had two Falls done with my expert in yourself oh it’s on Amazon deliver book sorry you don’t get until June but 7,000 copies that’s amazing so where’s sixty six thousand six

Clickfunnels™ Wrestling Practice: Sweet viral video just launched yesterday

thousand what exciting that is that’s right here that [Music] all right statute our exponent you issue and I’m fell hacking on exponent which we look James their work is you got a sweet viral video just launched yesterday and the fun was really really cool selling greenery so we’re gonna go solo think phonier over here and on spying it last step in the process and I said some zuma juice come in please me ourselves I made it he W up selves he didn’t come on let’s do some other self doing up self come on please I want to give you more money than you’re asking for clothes Russell he has ideas come on he sold three more balls box the same thing with increase L just do it to Luke just your

looks and no I won’t you give something I want the mask over each people keep the buying high goin they don’t love the video feels really cool yeah I didn’t know the actresses right she was hilarious the other one lady Allison but the Cheetos are over yeah I gotta go yelling drink pass through the three levels of telltale shopping shopping interesting what I don’t even want to think about cleaning is we did go in and see your life I’m going to try to fill your basket fill out the cabinet so we’re walking on parking a blast five minutes on my car and I should measures the Headroom I’m going today oh yeah there it is so the first time breaking out the rest mapping is between the mat your mall prep for

tonight we are can have an amazing dive roughly [Music] [Music] all right we finished hey Phil I hole men how it could go bad exactly Reese after phosphate two hours like telling war stories out of good ol days and now it’s midnight and Mike units drive home I’m so sorry I’m gonna go past that all right who’s got done rustling and my face is hurting my call fires were exploring back up but there’s a few things out of a dude’s woven rustle it was it was awesome so thank you BJ Thank You Lex coming over we didn’t crap out of me and it was a good day so go to bed see you guys

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That one where we left early for Wrestling Practice. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 18

That one where we left early for Wrestling Practice. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 18

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