That one where we made our own video game… Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 17

Clickfunnels™ Video Game – That one where we made our own game

Clickfunnels™ Video Game: On this episode, Stephen Larsen made a new video game (not associated with ClickFunnels™ or Etison LLC) that you can play here:

Clickfunnels™ Video Game – Infusionsoft element

Stephen told me he has some kind of surprise for me I have no idea what it is was talking about she’s making cameras were already coming today better be good looking to be wrote a book you’ll have a funnel maybe that he’s applying to be a CEO so I can take a nap that would be awesome all right okay good sir if I could have you take a seat right over there please put your fingers on the key make that one and that one and in the space bar okay billions

right I made you a video game man in a world where being confused as the norm where businesses are expected to act in lockstep quick Falls turns you to save the internet marketers from evil to status quo will you join us in the fight so you’re the clickfunnels logo and you’re shooting the Infusionsoft element oh yeah check it out you guys gonna ever be [Music] we might love Oh game over thank you for helping us safety industry all right now this is the

mobile experience well played I can see as I do that’s cool and vibrates on your phone when I show you but yeah we have a video game together man well cool has a little video game to say I don’t know drip drip drip to you I think all like little character things from every one of their visitors that were blown away actually endorsed by a quick models or Edison healthy rogue affiliate you designed and close to this Deepdale arson screen dices action driving [Music]

Clickfunnels™ Video Game: Work on funnels webinar model

well I like six minutes were freaking out this is the URL school nowhere to go right well you had it say like future film it’s like I go it just all we needed to say and go to called action the end puddle hacker TV if you email me that file [Music] i’ma go oh man how most in the blast my kid we had all day planning this minute left saying it all right I want more video after this end with 11 four minutes if people think we’re so polished and review plan so perfectly no [Music] all right we are on the last day of the fat event tomorrow we’re doing the big old block TV parties Stephen

crashed yesterday the great job doing almost coming yesterday at one cuz I clothes last night today we’re working on funnels webinar model webinar funnels I’m going to come actually do a webinar hack with some random person the group which we really Club and then make sure about traffic the rest today then it’ll be a wrap so that’s what’s happened in and your be insanely fun a filling a three loving it will tired good three hours of us play I actually look

sick so not good yeah run home and that’d be fun to watch Seinfeld was done it’s you it was like two o’clock and I gotta go to bed so I will recessed night done I can go discuss out [Music] days get prepared for interviewer JPC you always didn’t care you for all these guests always the only way to get aligned with their soul Dave to new JP Sears as City servers not giving like hang out I love love this so thank you so much for joining us today you don’t know JD he is the number one youtube sensation in the entire universe and you are delighted and honored to be able to hear from him today so welcome our youtube sensation you’re not making my self-esteem goes home I think I hear about

Clickfunnels™ Video Game: How to build your funnel

it doctor I was having a dream where I was being filmed when Russell started filming me being filmed and it was scary for you I think this is just all all the order series as your own all right we just gotta gonna swipe up I see my very first light whenever you come here just wise what happened yeah goes all right yo sided John freon where do our ideas at the Westbury big money for then now I’m being official Instagram judicious Instagram summers

useless until right now all right so this is our dude squirrel for quick funnels so I give nude squirrel you squirrel clothes squirrel tasking love them have to make them do you think Gingrich dude I opened up your doors run for the front of the office and it says click bottles and I flew the drone craves the door that I backed out and then up into the sky positives reverse that shot looks like it’s flying in the door yeah that’s going to be sick alright then Oh before

I do I just an email because list getting excited about if I don’t have your TV launching tomorrow don’t ever to go watch them behind the scene shows which is this link right here when they click on Matt takes it to the new blog they can be MLS stuff here thanks go behind the scenes show here and go and watch any of these they want click on it and boom we’re over to you too anyway amazing so I spy with head home see you guys soon okay your Dave and

your preaching on the podcast what it takes me Pete so dr. reyga’s helping right there and then this guy’s just goofing the weights doing yeah obviously bigger all right man is actually making one these episodes right now as we go so right here we have Russell in his car and he’s driving to the office so we have this shot but yeah sleep in my car because I’m trying to make this interesting now we had to put a little music jump in between when he’s in his car and when he actually gets to the office so if I just go for him he’s in his car and it is in the office it’s not very exciting

Clickfunnels™ Video Game: Advantage of sales funnel

right so we got to put a little music bridge in there so that way it’s interesting so people want to watch it so right there I’m going to put some aerial footage of the office in the local area in there boom and then one man roof on Fridays we go back a couple now we’re back in the office s so now I have to fill in the black hole right here put some cool footage and then we’ll be good alright so people always tell me Russell why do you so mean to confusion song

Bruce is reason why I try to buy something somebody I wanted to give them money badly so much so I got my credit card out I typed in the numbers I guess I’m a quick stood me to go from Craig Hartfield to me actually having the ability to give them money in seven seven clicks that’s why I hate infusion soft you are destroying entrepreneurs lies their businesses there should be one click you put a credit card in you take the money it’s like a self guy who it’s like

cool I wanna buy a new car you oh cool well what kind of car do you want and make I just want to in a take their money they finally automatic seven clicks later pause an average human I’m gonna give it up because I was so annoyed I just wanted to stop I really wanted to take self there you go anyway we’re should I save you guys from

from confusing software to confuse your customers and your tech team and you and everybody else on our K just make it easy you guys he’s quick little come on all right get ready for the show oh there’s people here something Kevin just finished it so number nine so we check out before rest of the camp be it I have so to remind anything about inspiration behind this what went into it just trying to make it you know as hip hop as possible that’s just exciting to watch there’s actually some really awesome new drone footage in this video which I’ve decided about just

Clickfunnels™ Video Game: Larry live coding in 30 mins

a nude or new did you notice what are we talking about for everything this ship it’s the nope you let’s row news so stressful obviously it’s starting the actual show we started in 23 minutes all right so I totally go through all my shirt trying to find a new shirt I can put over seriously follow days all right I’m sure back here at my private dressing room no today I didn’t wear down runnin this away all right new shirt collared hopefully slightly more food on

myself all right on back in for the video okay so why this is working all we have why is not working why is working then two women want to show us which I again way the crap wise click on right all right so I’ve added playlists it’s not pulling up on fire TV you’re going to tears me too and then just come start playing here and like it’s not coming here it’s like I don’t know okay how do I look Oh Larry live coding thank you okay there now all right we’re live in 30 years yeah ready all right everybody we are alive I hope you guys enjoyed the second half behind the scenes show

Welcome Center your main ID followed by the pound or hash sign I can do on my phone we’re trying to have the tech side on this side but I can hear on the phone hopefully this ordered all right so it’s not working screaming – zoom so instead I’m going to hold the zoom laptop my hand and talk here while we film it through here apparently

hey Anthony hold on awesome kind of a little choppy Queens hardly anything or no we got a hard line for internet my shows we get everybody because you’re going to get okay I’m on meeting you right now in your life or live an outlier certificate oh hey guys alive than that so we should come here what’s up everybody I didn’t like the first

episode of fun Locker TV [Music] all right and my batteries almost done the camera we survived you guys next time we see less stressful version of that all right that’s a wrap there goes Kevin the rails was gone we did it for the rocker TV officially launched behind the scene shows launch everything’s done amazing trip I guys heading back to San Diego to edit this video a little bit so Kevin if you get this you’re amazing thanks for all your work make it fun hockey be amazing so yeah knock San Diego later

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That one where we made our own video game… Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 17

That one where we made our own video game… Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 17