That one where we prepare for our Viral Launch or Die Trying… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 49

We are Days away from our Viral Video Party Launch PARTY! September 15 is going to be an amazing day! In this episode we get a sneak peek at the new Funnel Hacker Cookbook.

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 49 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we prepare for our Viral Launch or Die Trying…

all right we’re going today it’s happening this is the first version of the cookbook what it’s not even gonna be written yet you feel marketing power that’s coming from it yes I’m on this thing I’m trying to get rid of caffeine about life because it’s the devil but I love it we got this really cool cube thing the boost productivity and the goals see how many of us 32 33 minute windows you can get done in a day okay we got a little bit of a dilemma right now we’re getting 502 errors because we’re crashing their side I snuck out so it’ll take my like his drugs and how many see me and then there was like we serve item SE and drugs can mean caffeine it’s the hardest drug I do yes Dave you were to be completely bald or have gray hair no I was likely it’ll be a mix of the two [Music] okay you guys have absolutely no idea what kind of stuff happens around here so Todd Jay basically just created an entire product inside of ClickFunnels™ overnight and then Stevens basically creating add a whole affiliate center I got 25 minutes baby I got like 12 things on the list so I’m going to go film things 25 minutes it’s about two minutes apiece go baby go oh I love Fridays I am super excited for today I’m gonna be literally talking though for the next probably 7 hours I’ve got a chair in here I usually don’t got the paparazzi oh I’m super stoked I have a coaching call for the next two hours and then after that certified partners have asked that I come in and teach a really cool training on how we build ecommerce funnels so I’m really excited because I personally built this funnel for somebody and forward from click funnels I’ve done a couple times with Russell and every time we always get a frantic phone call about three days later asking us to turn it off because they’re selling too well and so anyway I’m excited I’m gonna go show the econ funnel I’m literally going to take an actual client live with me on the call for the next like five six hours and I’m gonna go build out their entire funnel with them in front of hundreds of people excited in front of all the certified partners and show how we actually do the e-commerce because it’s one of the top selling categories in ClickFunnels™ overall it is the top actually so I’m excited this is gonna be a good day [Music] all right so sales letter is being printed right here there’s all these blocks where we have like fake stock images we’ve kind of plugged in what so Jake’s board is some designers to have all these created so as you go through it’ll be like this will be right there and then this one will be like right there just got ours prospector in our nude squirrel right every see what he’s got on the couch you got the she devil and the angel that’s all you got that pickaxes you got bought too many tools still haven’t make anything yet it’s one of the competitors come to thrash you that’s so funny anyway s Kaduri so that’s the game plan for the fun of the waves no we’re not really nervous both of you [Laughter] [Music] yesterday we showed you these guys he’s got my back here they are obligated and there’s all the gold that you’re that close with the gold oh my gosh that is awesome this is great these are Tyrone he’s from Guatemala he’s amazing [Music] this is the first version of the cookbook Wow it’s not even gonna be written yeah that’s pure magic this is so cool oh my gosh I am that is crazy cool it looks good good is this is half of it you’re not going to be really big here’s the fire cookbook access that happened twice I think we call them are you serious that’s sweet oh my goodness this is ingredients so if you were making a cake that’s like eggs flour bacon stuff like that you feel marketing power that’s coming from it yes under my pillow to sleep in your are glowing a little [Music] I’ll explain in a second but first so the late great Eugene Schwartz taught a concept papers call that basically what you would do is he would work for 33 minutes to sit down for 33 minutes but he’s like focus and you can’t do anything else you can’t leave can’t you said there knew nothing but you can’t leave the thing you’re doing for 33 minutes 33 minutes is over then you just stop need to jump up jump around crazy commercials like any blood flowing for 6 minutes that’s done you jump back in you do another cycle I’m on this thing I’m trying to get rid of caffeine about life because it’s the devil even though I love it and I realized Robbins event like you don’t eat on caffeine you’re so you jump around and like the blood with your body gives you the energy and so I’m ok how do we craft energy number one that’s these things are these trick your brain because this morning second thing is we got this really cool cube thing the Boost product to productivity turn this thing on you pick what time so let’s say you want 30 minutes oh and then starts hang on clock 30 minutes go and you start working as soon as done then you flip it to five jump around jump around go crazy flip back to 30 and the goal see how many of those 30 to 33 minute windows you can get done in a day we should try it so Steve and I are gonna start competing let’s do it your spy bit these gonna be doing this so there you go code to be secret I snuck out to go take my like his drugs and not having him see me and then I was like we serve I haven’t seen drugs would mean caffeine was this is the hardest drug I do I think my dick did I’m pretty sure they did yeah well I have pretty bad headaches when I stopped at the wrong really yeah I used to start my name’s Steven Lars said I’ve been caffeine sober for now three months we are no not totally wish today for some reasons do you guys gonna get multiple perspectives tap main basically we’re doing to try and get more people to get prepared for the pre-launch so the one we launched about our video star just us for lunch tomorrow there’s us looks like 250,000 people on our community plus all the influencers and the big thingy loose we decide use make a pre-launch party but basically if they come here they sign up for free and then they get return link and everyone they refer we give them a buck and hopefully by doing that they give lots of bucks we lots of people this video goes viral and we build a real large list on Facebook huh yes basically we’re making me a psycho viral so then we can go viral for real this is brilliant robot nation so close not done them’s gonna get done and then he’s gonna finish building the new ClickFunnels™ website which has been looking amazing it’s almost there oh your second one yes please tell me I really want them to know what to look for he clicked the button he’s going K so I’m gonna do is Facebook live to the affiliate group you have throwing that same link into the thing okay what’s up everybody we are a little bit late okay forget a little bit of it dilemma right now we just launched this crazy thing and now everyone’s going out and trying to get their links and we used to write link and what’s happening is we’re getting 502 errors because we’re crashing their side ah all right so apparently these are this huge SAS company who we sent 20 ml five so that you mostly got set and complete crash their short 15 minutes and so instead of fixing it takes them three three days to fix it Todd just gonna custom code the entire thing you build into ClickFunnels™ in the next two hours oh but the initial momentum is like yeah stop sucks my video was really cool uh relaunch that I figured out so sorry you guys this has been one of those things so we did something that was stupid we trusted something that wasn’t ClickFunnels™ and I realized that I love ClickFunnels™ and only click funnels so the third-party system we were doing did you to track the $1 per leak we literally said not that much traffic in the whole thing collapse [Music] okay we need to document this we’re saying how crazy it is like how many things every day come up fire after fire after fire what we want to stop and someone told me that you committed the measure of the success of anyway based on the number of hard conversations that they have and the number of problems that they’ve solved you know what the favorite world of song is hold on waist let’s go back the 90s for the song is written and still every time i refresh this 20 or 30 people in a Filipino 10 short notice I will talk about it broken viral oh that’s it I’ve been no that’s not good some other brands [Applause] [Music] at last 12 hours we basically rebuilt referral rock from the ground up building that I click phones got relaunched about to launch again huh and I’m really tired said yesterday he goes Dave you were to be completely bald or have gray hair no see that was likely it’ll be a mix of the two so I’m totally bald white hair all because of this blank blank companies screwed up and now we have to relaunch Todd completely rebuilt everything thank you so much Todd and Jane you guys totally rock you stay up all night long took an entire competitor’s product put inside of click photos crazy iframes affiliate sales all rebuilt everything done so we can send us now absolutely thousands of thousands of people who then will generate millions and millions of views and generate a hundred thousand people already excited to come watch our viral video launch on September 15 whose frustrating though the fact before we got it and did this thing right where we should custom code and click phones back we don’t have time let’s just use this other software and we told them right we’re gonna make we’re you get a hundred thousand referrals in seven days oh yeah we can handle that so yesterday we had like three three or four hundred went into it right and then crash they calls I’m like dude you said hundred grand right we’d think you’d actually do it like that was honestly the response but there’s only like four hundred people in like 15 minutes is hardly anybody like 15 minutes opt-ins like we’re looking at to three million people going through your referral link something right uh hold on let’s get back to you so they got back this morning for us to do that they want ten grand to go the polar software in a new server recode the whole thing so they can actually handle that much traffic and take three days right you know what we had a superpower we got a Todd doesn’t touch the ground we had a Tata Jamie and a talk to Jamie equals like it was like three hours wasn’t it yeah three hours of repo holding the ground up building to the feature now is live so more the story using a things like split funnels you are a moron I was a moron pink-red I was a moron you

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That one where we prepare for our Viral Launch or Die Trying… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 49

That one where we prepare for our Viral Launch or Die Trying… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 49