That one where we recovered after the Viral Video Party… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 57

The aftermath of the Viral Video party and the Inner Circle group is here in Boise, Idaho.

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 57 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we recovered after the Viral Video Party…

[Music] [Music] all right so it’s been a little bit did the big viral video launch the bubble soccer a bunch of stuff you probably saw the shenanigans [Music] then I had in a circle last week and some of the top entrepreneurs around the world came made about 50 of them here and we basically worked for last four days in a room add a little of me real footage come on see it but not a lot [Music] hey good news we survived a bubble soccer we survived the launch event survived garyvee yes there’s my first day back in her circle meetings was too tired to film but date you started by now brink isn’t one it’s gonna be awesome [Music] alright so my biggest takeaway so far was definitely from juvie he thought it was all about actually write a book and like the floormat series and the fact that writer’s block is actually too many ideas in your head it’s not not having an idea so our approach to get over that is actually to like kind of make bullet points for each of your future chapters and then write down questions that the reader would have and then you simply answer the questions and that’s how you can have a really good draft of a best-selling book like Russell what does that mean so we’re gonna sort of by photographers so that they can Photography I do boudoir photography what is boudoir photography yeah so kinda like a Victoria’s Secret shoot for the everyday woman to give us a gift turn herself really a milestone and yes we’re gonna certified with our photographers they can empower more women I think that my number one takeaway is the idea of understanding that people are the value of people searching for intent so instead of people stumbling across their stuff or you know finding you because you’re shoved into their newsfeed that they’re searching for intent and you’re either interrupting them you know socially and coming into their space kind of knocking on their door or they’re they’re searching for something very specific and you’re there so I think we get I think especially with Facebook advertising and things like that we got kind of lazy or we sort of package package things up and kind of ship them out to the masses and I think there’s a step back about thinking about the way things work in real life and how do we have people respond to what they really want it’s always a system the way you do things so it’s true so you don’t run crazy you know get this year you actually can scale your business as much as possible when you have same process of how you do things because then you can pass it on to someone else and scale your business as much as you can there’s no matter if I’m trying to sell you something like this bag of chips door-to-door if I walk up and I just try to pitch you on it immediately chips 50% off tomorrow they’re gonna be sold out like it’s we haven’t built anything I’ll get a few people but most people are not gonna buy it so in the real world the later beli face-to-face you first start by developing a relationship that’s what you go hey how’s it going man I’m Trevor great to meet you know what’s your story this is my story and and this is coming after you know I’ve trained over a thousand or more sales reps you start by building that relationship of trust but online we never do that instead the first time they ever see you you’re trying to pull their email out of them or you’re trying to get them to buy your products and I’ve taken the approach of this is a real world what would I do weather info work or physical product you first throughout they’re pure gold a video giving away your best stuff without a CTA when there’s a CT it’s like let me give you the facts despite mistakes that every marketer makes that when they did not make I made 10 million dollars overnight but give me your email address see and it’s still this pitch where if you just give them that gold initially you start off that way they watch it they engage your your cost per view is incredibly minimized your cost per engagement incredibly minimized and then what you do is from there because of the power of Facebook and the robust model that they have you’re able to target people that were engaged and so instead of spending acquisition costs on the 20% that would be interested you’re now able to save the 80% of that acquisition cost and focused that on the people that are actually gonna buy like if you if you viewed this if you see this as it really is out of a hundred people only 20 are gonna buy but you’re spending your acquisition cost on those 80 people that aren’t going to buy instead of doing that give them value the 20% you can isolate for far cheaper than if you were not if you were targeting directly and then you swoop underneath and you say okay top some 5% video viewers or top 25% people have spent the most time on my page now I hit them with the CTA greatly increases your euros your return on your ad spend or anything like that you just gotta be real that’s what it comes down to what’s up everybody my name is Kevin Anson I’m actually when we edits the vlog and I haven’t been out to Boise since May uh-oh and if you some of you watch the vlog a lot you’ll actually notice that a lot of the aerial shots that we have in the vlog it’s time to update them so it’s a little bit cloudy outside it was just raining like 15 minutes ago so hopefully it doesn’t rain I’m gonna go ahead and fly this thing and wish me luck so we’re gonna get some new shots for the vlog here we go [Music] now it’s Friday and today and tonight it’s gonna be a little nuts but to begin it all with I just got an email from the Harmon brothers that actually has the b-roll from behind the scenes video they made of the video so I’m seeing yeah so we’re gonna go get everyone and Alex can watch it plus we just got back the most recent episode of fun like your TV so I’m gonna get everyone here in the office who’s here over there Dave’s gone no he’s gone Steve’s gone my friends are gone I’m here with myself so I needed some social interaction that’s entrepreneur type needs a little bit that so I’m gonna go grab everyone and we’re gonna watch the video what are we doing what are we doing we’re gonna go watch something in our clumping fooled by my lad – yes the fun no okay look at the making of the viral video [Music] viral viral this is like this is like an epidemic a cold okay so we have two we have two videos for watching today so this is behind the scenes and then Kevin just sent over the newest version of funnel hacker TV are you excited more intense this one’s like the craziest yeah all right so why is this week crazy Nora this weekend a cool head on because we have almost the end of our remodel here in this house wherever it’s at so they’ve got the entire floors I can smell from here Bri all the hardwood floors redone restained can’t go on for two days therefore we are living out of the pool house and I’m sleeping with the kids tonight and the wrestling room is also a huge race tomorrow so Colette in her hands and her mom and her sisters and everyone’s coming to stay in our house were arrested we’re such good hope so that’s what’s happening with having parties night so right now we’re heading out to get some what [Music] you [Music] all right so we’re back from sushi getting kids ready for baby tonight it’s a special fun night we do north tonight we are sleeping where the wrestling room you’ve excited yeah we’re sleeping wrestling room [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right we tucked in on bed

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That one where we recovered after the Viral Video Party… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 57

That one where we recovered after the Viral Video Party… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 57