That one where we tried to Film 29 Videos in One Day. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 19

Clickfunnels™ 29 Videos – We film 29 videos in a single day

Clickfunnels™ 29 Videos: On this episode of Funnel Hacker TV, see behind the scenes of our challenge to film 29 video’s in a single day!! Plus get your push up contest on!

Clickfunnels™ 29 Videos: How we do it?

so we had like a push-out content mile that’s John I think John B be a dad oh yeah how something near like 40 or 400 love love to go back tomorrow to me yeah hey my name is Russell Brunson and I am so excited to get me get thank you hey hey everyone I’m Russell Brunson I’m so excited change them any money student who cares on my name the one slightly frustrating thing about filming like ten videos in one day is you can’t just wear the same shirt

all day because people like see what is same shirt every day and every funnel so you have to get hold on to shirt because we’re not like celebrities clear how hair makeup and all kind of things so I got to do pretty much on my own self [Music] what’s up everybody welcome to today they law school stuff happening number one we are starting to fill your federal training which is exciting we are also recording a video for about twenty two funnels I might

exaggerate we’ll listen how much we do counts against a called the 48-hour phone which I believe can it will be a feature of webinar funnel online and are excited but to do those fires expands to do it actually record like literally the videos so that’s going to happen say to probably in this camera because I’m out of time to have professionally edited so I’m just going to film here in the infirmary YouTube and luckily now it is forty years that learn how to

screen cops are threat my script August up second there we go and now we’re going and I entertaining close so keep practicing you’ll also learn how to be copy and it’ll skip your process so that’s that’ll take you on the journey and we rebuild a lot of models they go on probably I go over the next twenty four forty hours launched like seven eighty funnel [Applause] [Music] now we’re about to start the philia funnel first training module this video is for people

Clickfunnels™ 29 Videos: The best strategy to build funnel?

like me who aren’t eeks but wonder send it the strategy again is though we can’t build out this structure now we have some to talk about when I was talking random links most people’s interviews or boring stays talk randomly so we did instead was we built out Oh framework which then became the spray morkul which now makes our video interesting people were like oh the framework now I understand it so secret building a framework so the goal is to

get a thousand true fans when you’re free but yet to have a hundred thousand Facebook fans see a thousand true fans that’s the goal how to go from zero ten thousand fans boom phase one is this phase two is this sales at three is this anyway all right let me just arted so I’m literally in the middle of the failure funnel training I’m talking about documenting video I document all these things all day long right you guys and I got this from Gary Vee Gary Vee

talked about how everything said to create stuff I’m going to create as I don’t create this document what you’re doing you’re building funnels like documents of doing funnels that becomes the video since the ad becomes the message like you’re losing weight document self losing weight like document the stuff is happening because we think weight to be super exciting you don’t always have be super exciting sometimes just like people want to see what you do alright we’re about to film a billion video and he’s forcing me to do it today if I wanted to my dad to

Clickfunnels™ 29 Videos: What is webinar?

have that today’s every tell me we need to get these done tonight yeah a lot of videos maybe that is the follow funnel funnel the funnel hacker webinar funnel the funnel you funnel sub software plus a final scripts funnel plus the bridge video that’s a lot of videos well there’s two things one I was talking about the filming yes we can get the filling done the editing and getting them all done tonight pretty easy it’s possible but it’s possible but not like videos time

to clock out sometimes never sorry everybody this is happening behind me this is something you probably know about these are our fun rocker cheat sheets every single month i hack hundreds of photos and I take my favorite and I show the NZ vault no see hi thanks so much for everything and watashi kisses all right so we are right now live on instagram cooking about launching a new show called to drop the mike show on instagram but we can’t figure and make it work so I’m asking Instagram peeps if they would actually watch the Delta Mike show they’d ask some questions to make it really fun where do our first ever live question right now so give me a question and then we’re

going to try to drop the Mike show and I’m gonna see if I do it both hands the questions if I can hold this camera and this phone and drop the mic and answer this case so give me a question I need one good question okay how do you build your audience boom crystal fantastic question so crystal is now on the first ever drop the Mike show and I’m going to answer your question how do you build your audience so a couple of things first step in the process you

Clickfunnels™ 29 Videos: Read The Expert Secrets Book?

must go and read this really cool book called expert secrets that’s everyone read their books and teach about how to be prolific and how to share your message number two you have to find a platform that you want to dominate stick one like if you like live videos through Facebook lives if you like writing become a blogger I pick one platform and then start publishing consistently not once the week now once a month but every single day that’s might start how’s

that help oh let me drop the mic oh we got the mic so congratulations God Mike show has been officially born Instagram we’re coming after you we’re gonna own you oh yeah let’s go swimming oh my lobby whoa we have our beach towels now who is soft to you oh my holy cow so check out this other swagman found again oh so cool alright you know we’re trying to get all of these funnels read up and live in the next couple days basically we ever done we

are give us some lipstick and Rouge clean it up and relaunch these things as you ad campaigns new sets Stevens working on them over here too so we did the original funnel ships webinar I can have years ago and it crushed it we did the new one a crush tip not quite as well but they’re Park lights by the old one versus the new ones for Iceland last hour listening to the old one and the new one and then time lining out okay from this mins this minute I did this

pitch better from this meant this and I did this one better and back and forth back and forth back for his all the time stamps but when you change there the problem is the price points difference we had also a coaster like I’ve to record be saying four nine seven four times like 24 waves and my brother plug those into here and then hopefully render it out and we’ll have the perfect webinar to make a long-term sales poor forever with so from the magic was happening behind the scenes [Music] all right there’s a video because I got to commitments I want to make sure to set in stone

trying it three so this morning we’re gonna do the thousand rep Club with the Bulgarian bags which is the worst thing ever so these guys went out today decided not to do with me I was so grateful he lived out not gonna lie

Clickfunnels™ 29 Videos: Advantage of funnels

because I was going without a video and so I said hey when you come back we sure you said out back on the fourth of July as though we should do it on the fourth mornings what we’re doing it oh yeah you’re committed on the fourth of you I would even thousand reply I’ll be here doing it’s a fruit salad and then we’re steaming you are you

know that was rough up here what I don’t like Mimi I wrote yes I want to say I can’t say no to you and you doo dolls are also portrayed why I’ll do it okay a thousand and one are UN on mountain ride so thousand rep Club basically a Bulgarian bag and use a thousand reps this fast you can use takes about 45 minutes to an hour and it’s like ten reps spins to a ten weights been a 100 reps to be space with an 100 sinneth didn’t you do basically 10 exercises 100 of

each to a thousand rep awesome it’s on camera you in your I’m down so bit like what in the corner damn it already know you’re in here Oh all right so now we’re finishing the editing on the perfect webinar so the old webinar I did a whole bunch of call to actions but I was with the wrong with the old price point in the price points have to come back through and they’re like eight clips that we found which one eclipse yeah yeah so here’s the clips quick play on it everything we showed yes then you guys can get that or 297 dollars here so that was for 97 years so that’s record all those member that can splice those back into the webinar this is a magic that happened this is behind the scenes

Clickfunnels™ 29 Videos: How to build your funnels

stuff that’s working to make this stuff always raisi it’s a lot of fun people talk about growth hacking is the second new thing but Kotak is with with us and markers been doing for a decade but one of our growth hacking techniques is on cliff bouncer at the bottom of every page it has like powered by click funnels badge which would guess how much that badge is making us right now now by default your page always has that although mr. let’s shake it off but

it’s um a quick condom buys you get the feeling commission which is kind of cool right now that badge is responsible for 400,000 dollars a month in sales Oh crazy that’s crazy crazy crazy great burgers so go pack you one one day good awesome hey my name’s Russell Brunson and I am so excited to give you get back thank you Hey hey everyone I’m Russell Brunson and I’m so sad same time I name my name stupid who cares what my name hey great

should I get it wrong okay this books out a whole bunch of simple tweaks you can use to make this book this book has a hundred this book is literally awesome my sweater how is the first part find out why phone university is so exciting and why you need be remembered Wow thank you look at the camera guy look at the stance I find a wife on University so exciting and why you need to become a member today but please


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That one where we tried to Film 29 Videos in One Day. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 19

That one where we tried to Film 29 Videos in One Day. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 19

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