That One Where We Went To Dreamforce In San Francisco … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 68

Online business is nothing but … well crazy fun when you do it right! Dave goes a million places in a matter of days!

Salt Lake City, Utah to chat with Skipio about adding some cool features into ClickFunnels™ and Actionetics!

Dave teaches a class at Brigham Young University and touches on affiliate marketing, digital marketing, entrepreneurial excitement!

Then off to Pheonix, AZ and a visit with Six Division to chat about different fun digital marketing projects we could work on together!

Up next … GeniusNetwork for value bombs from so many attendees with advice on funnels, copy, productivity and everything online business.

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 68 (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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that just happened shake it BAE [Music] all right so I’d the opportunity being here with Nick what is vo running skip vo everything else he’ll Ryan and I are on our way to stripe that’s boxer we run our whole company off the box [Applause] all right on the way to the airport and this time I’ve got the best uber driver in the world check her out I’m heading down to speak with Skippy ohm which is a texting platform down in Salt Lake we’re going to talk to them about some different things we could possibly do with texting platforms of things and then heading speak at Brigham Young University where I graduated my alma mater on it’s gonna be a super fun class I’m gonna have the opportunity now an entrepreneur class my son is also there in the class and will be speaking as well so it’s gonna be kind of a father-son tag team and cannot wait for that after that finishing up with Skippy oh and then heading down tomorrow to go to meeting with six division we’re doing some things I work out to contract with them on fulfillment pieces then genius Network with about 300 top entrepreneurs from around the world and we have a sponsored booth there we’ve got two of our guys coming down to help sponsor that do a lot of networking and see what we can do to take things to the next level so here we go [Music] all right so heading out to Provo Utah right now so we are on our way [Music] beautiful sunny day here in Salt Lake City stuff waiting for Randi garm owner of Skippy oh come pick me up and then we’re heading down to Skippy oh all right everybody just got it picked up by Randy Garn the man the legend chief revenue officer over Skippy oh when the partners founders and we are about ready to go sit down and figure out how to use texting to blow things up inside everything else [Music] all right so I’m the opportunity being here with Nick what is basically CEO running skip-bo everything else we are on our way to his class at BYU I’m trippin rogue class I mean what am I supposed to talk about you’ve learned so much over the last three years you and Russell what you’ve created what you’ve built I think is one of the most fascinating entrepreneurial stories in the United States right now and these students need to hear it they need to be inspired it may be motivated just create the inspiration and that’s all that’s all I need from you all so you got you got 20 minutes to do that all right that’s the assignment let’s see if we can pull this thing off all right so classes that really begin here I sat in these classes many times usually towards the very back because I was always trying to bail out early to go skiing so Chandler’s to be speaking today with me crazy as it sounds Nick’s leavekat sir [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so this is my mom and my dad and Chandler who basically we’re here during this huge auditorium as I had the opportunity speaking so it was fun made a good time okay soon I’m away now down to Phoenix how do we start working with that genius network tomorrow but soon as that lamp we head over to six division talked to six division and so I don’t know if we like it all that in before noon but we’ll see what we can get done [Music] all right so just landed in Phoenix about ready to head over to a six division there’s some guys you basically build out funnels and things for other partners for us and how we might be able to work together on some larger projects and stuff so on our way to six division next that’s where we’re going [Music] search especially six division things went fantastic and we’re put into different things with them I’m on my way actually now heading up to the hotel for genius Network and we’ll pick things up there or sponsor year apart [Music] I am preset II help you set up my kids early funnel hacker stuff they love the graffiti they’ve used it to build out their funnels my boys have their fidget spinner funnel they’re gonna be walking across the stage they said with a chick on the cup and we just love click bundles if you’re not signed up with bundles get out there today sign up with click bundles change your life change your direction you know for me kind of my story with very the very first event that Russell put on I joined this inner circle and literally the first person I met was Josh as part of that inner circle if you do get a chance to be a part of that group definitely don’t waste any time and get involved start riding on write or port or LinkedIn and use ClickFunnels™ do a very low friction offer like a seven page checklist to get people to do your stuff don’t give away free ebooks giveaways checklist cheat sheets things like that you know subscribers we’re using bunnies you people inhale pay attention that everything you guys say and there’s so much there’s so much to learn everybody’s got a voice he can’t be shy whatever your voice is wherever you are you got a gift go and do something first thing in the morning before you start screwing around all right sides always like words of wisdom hey folks good to see you and the only words of wisdom I have is it I think the biggest thing that new entrepreneur or a young entrepreneur can learn from this is it’s not trying to be everything to everyone to do everything yourself you cannot do it by yourself you need a team of people and start making relationships if you’re not where you want to be more than likely they were the problem you have to take the close deep look at yourself and that’s really where the problem lies I want you to grow those problems just keep improving yourself Betsy Network Russell Brunson you made my life easier every day I think about it how can I make more money today and what’s the leash for work to get there first of all make Russell mention your mentor if he’s not because the dudes a genius never met Russell but Russell I love you and a lot of people in common why do you think about why do you launch why do you have a funnel why are you trying to convert people because when you are associated with your purpose which is basically what I help people do is find that deeper why and their purpose I’ve made millions of dollars with may be imperfect offers because I love my people and I know them as well and so just remember that that’s the heart and core of what your funnel the core your funnel is your purpose and so discouraged do your best to remember that why are you doing what you’re doing how is it impacting the people that are receiving this because it’s not just buying it it’s not just data they’re human beings we’re living and breathing on the other end of your communications and how people yourself into their shoes and just consistently refine that process so bring your purpose personal conversion will follow look alikes found you go check out this outfit what the one and oh my gosh look at those lights you choose like you choose blinky shoes Mike annex the only one who’s got licks it out is crazy why not do I that’s it it’s called the why not outfit it’s why not get more attention because that’s what it takes to win influence be able to persuade and get an audience that you can convert sometimes so that’s why I weigh this go out that give you a fancy thing yeah all right so what an old guy come down dude like I’ll show you what an old guy can do that just happened all right here we are leaving Boise again heading out to San Francisco this gonna be a fun trip this is a four Dreamforce it’s a Salesforce’s annual convention they closed down the entire city basically about 2050 thousand people come in and get away – get out there get ton of fun [Applause] [Music] right this is just registration this is crazy fifty thousand people here for this event [Music] [Music] sitting right here at AT&T Stadium and I run into one only game laughs quick bottles I have a funnel hacker little Ryan and I are on our way to we’re going stripe we’re sending them about four hundred million dollars every single year and so they actually said they would meet with us so since we’re in their home area we’re on our way all right so this is our jacked up traffic is our drivers back their traffic is so stopped and we’re three tenths of a mile so Ryan’s like hey can’t we just get there faster walking hey there guys they yep you totally can there it is straighter see if we can actually get into this place we’re signing in so stripes offices actually are the old drop box offices down here in San Francisco kind of crazy fun little place [Music] all right so Ryan basically was to walk down the streets of the day and look what we saw Mecca that’s Boxer we run our whole company off the box so we’re gonna see if we can actually go in there and say hi to these guys Ryan just broke into this building we’re gonna climb up I insist all right so Ryan and I are basically here in San Francisco and at the opportunity of swinging by boxer to meet with earth basically is CEO boxer we have literally hundreds of people on our platform that’s not thousands of people who are using boxer what do you want to say to the boxer community say hey thanks for using the product and if you haven’t heard of boxer download it try it say a walkie talkie messenger will keep you connected to your team your family whoever you need to talk to instantly so all of our inner circle uses boxer all partners all our team uses boxer my family person that uses box you communicate if you’re not using boxer you got to go check it out all right so wrapping things up here in San Francisco it’s been a fun time here at Dreamforce crazy crazy crazy event I’m waiting for an uber Hoover should be here shortly and then that jet setting over to Oakland and you know for the Boise [Music] we’re a out rated board here then back set for active Boise and actually in Boise a big town Aleksey half are on a hackathon going on Russell mt everybody else is rushing it out there and really looked forward to kind of see how things are alright we’ll finally wrapping back in Boise after about it seems like three weeks of travel so back in Boise and guess what there’s snow in the mountains all right I’m gonna grab bags and head to the office alright so just got back in Boise you’re not gonna believe what’s going on here check this out we got the fun going I’m sure what’s going on here [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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That One Where We Went To Dreamforce In San Francisco … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 68

That One Where We Went To Dreamforce In San Francisco … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 68