That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 3… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 41

Kauai Tubing Tunnel, Queen’s Bath and Drone Flying! Watch me have some fun in Kauai, Hawaii

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 41 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 3…

[Applause] if I died how my kids I love them [Music] everyone has got a no drone zone the question is do we listen to a sign or to eat noise there’s a ruffle way at the top of their client’s drone [Music] the restless he himself [Music] [Music] now we’re back today and today we learn how to fly this drone whoo now those drones are actually been in multiple photography episodes but never flown by me I’m in kind of what so today’s the – stop wasting our has wisely so that’s the YouTube you teaching us ways of the drone gonna reuse yep and thrill super dude like on my case I don’t watch this I would left this classic thing on Emma’s plastic thing on I took this off of those anyway very useful YouTube there you go [Music] Mauri mornin today may notice my have recognized yes is some run out Sun in my eyes and it burned my crazy yesterday so I was out and half the fun again for my son blackstein anyway today we’re going to go jump on river raft it should be a lot of fun I think I’ll be a concert after that we’re going to come back in quitter read something or podcast club then over little Clinton again long hopefully everyone’s still working back at the office oh by the way today where my new Apollo Creed heads so issue are wondering yes huge Rocky fan Paula treated warm and fight number one and two and in rocky warm fight number three against mr. T [Music] [Music] all right so he’s got to the tubing place and I don’t think outside if I can’t because it’s raining we’ll be floating down the river in the rain for curly hair first on you guys where do I mean claustrophobic if you took out all that paint and put a tube in the middle without beeps 101 our second tunnel happens to be a bit bigger and our third tunnel happens to be our long is my darkest panel three-quarters of a mile long and of course our lazy river which takes minutes just gelling I like to know that we’re ready yes right it is the river we’re about to jump into this be freezing cold [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so we’re going to try to find the crepe and use the most bound how big wait what those huge years if I died tell my kids I love them ha ha the rest of this he himself yeah you alright we’ll take you guys out the with me see if we can survive this thing together [Music] [Music] all right she’s gotten Church which was awesome now we’re going to go film a viral video at least attempt at a viral video then we’re going to apply the quadcopter all over Hawaii for b-roll that’s the day okay this is attached to see if allowed we cancel out the house back here then there’s a single Christmas speeches so maybe this is how better to sing or to look better more than happening here the beach come see a papaya b-roll stuff this is like looking down on me what why our vacation so hard for entrepreneur why are making it so hard wrong [Music] why are vacations so hard for answers like you I got my god why our vacation so hard for auntie for like us not why our vacations so hard for entrepreneurs like us hey we’re testing sound renounce its sounds then better this way versus the other way you’re an entrepreneur and this game we play it isn’t a job it’s your life and that’s okay I think that’s it right here to fire drill now to the huge lighthouse which looks awesome right here thanks we’re about to get it out and then first thing you see is this paul jones prohibited the question is do we listen to fine or to ignore [Music] [Music] all right so today is a bittersweet we’re leaving today is checkout us place in three hours there’s one last party we want to have place called Queens that fit we’re going to go over as we didn’t in the last night watch youtube video of it and it’s same and I may have fun in there and fly the drone and so we’re going to be taking drone we’re going to jump in the back let me fun and then I’m going to throw a helicopter quadcopter up in the sky and we’re done we’ve been messing in a pack we gotta hit the airport but we’re gonna fly it’s not like Lakes nights when I hang out so instead of four Oh alright we’re now on the hike to the bath Queen [Music] alright check this out we are almost here looks amazing supposed to look like a big thumb they said there’s the thumb I am professional quadcopter pilot [Music] [Music] you study dr. Perry’s dad nag nag because hashtag professor rules as I bet the oh sure sure oh we’re home from Hawaii excited the best part coming home call it a comeback [Music]


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That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 3… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 41

That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 3… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 41