That one where we were one day before the Viral Video Party!!! Funnel Hacker TV Episode 55

ONE MORE DAY UNTIL OUR VIRAL VIDEO PARTY! We invited over 500+ of the top Social Media Influencers in the world.

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 55 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we were one day before the Viral Video Party!!!

this was $60 you’re fired you had the American dream [Music] Oh Orson yawns right now he’s excited to in the morning at the taco party I like to paint nudes squirrels that is yes is 4:13 heck you can even sell yourself no not prostitution sicko is five five five 6:30 in the morning at 7:00 a.m. I reckon two hours [Music] [Music] guess we guys will work following your way from wrong to guess is here now now the party could officially start so how was your flight last night oh not too bad a little bumpy oh yeah what we’re day [Music] all right people have absolutely no idea what gets done in a funnel year this here just got cranked out and finished it is insane absolutely insane this didn’t exist yesterday and it goes live tomorrow by the way Casey wanted to know we’re only hundred features all good ideas launch your stuff you can soar up and down all sorts of crazy stuff so I’ll show you just type of happening it’s crazy [Music] okay we got people coming I don’t even know who’s coming my son Parker basically over here it’s creating the list of everybody who’s coming see I was coming guys Matisyahu Goren I even know who it was but Parker’s like oh my gosh he’s coming – he just sent me a text saying hey is it at the soccer field or is that a stadium crazy we’ve got Russell recorded another live going out to everybody letting him on the lot tomorrow we’re going you prepare this wants to be so much fun let me hear you come to my party [Music] [Music] so awesome so see you guys tomorrow all right so it’s 135-foot a year for look at all his craziness going on in here Todd’s in the house Russell developers John Jamie everyone’s just crushing it good Todd screaming all this crazy stuff out yes that is what clique falling behind a server monitoring server monitoring check this up whatever that is look at that stuff yeah thinking dreams happen oh yeah watch this oh my gosh what is that I don’t know if he’s swearing or what it’s kind of crazy all right we’re at the final day of our fat event here everybody said you’re crushing it cranking things out working super super hard look at this excitement in the room everyone’s just so excited [Applause] [Music] how many people miles do we have signed up right now for tomorrow almost 450 450 in a place that only solds 350 you what are we gonna do standing room only welcome all this is your best event ever so you can be able up shoulders literally with the greatest marketers influencers it’s gonna be amazing you’ll love it dear team so we just finished a three day bad amid well tired is now four o’clock plenty of time at night viral video goes live in like 20 hours so I have that way pictures in an hour right to get home to and then we’re coming back so what are they doing still so programming our solar cell but we are yet this is my base project I’m your sales letter demo pages and order forms that’s like like the most vital thing number two is the final hacker cookbook page getting all the seventy videos in there physically make sure you Brittany’s got the PDF done templates my big thing we got two temples ragged on the market our nation started on they have a presentation for tomorrow but I would later alright we’re heading home because it’s picture time in retrospect well not just this everything this week but probably the worst possibly do a fad event probably the worst possible week she family pictures nevertheless you survive this adamant about it this arrives and family pictures and hopefully getting fun son tonight eight or nine hours with the work left to do and it is almost five o’clock at night so should be luck ever again dress for family pictures how many buddy best eighty here [Music] [Music] got power and brothers coming in the opposite sounds like look who’s in the house hey how are you guys Baron Baron nice to meet you alright so this is the unveiling of the nudes there will let you in veil here for us check that out that’s our most famous one they’re armed brother here earlier saying mystics I’ll get picture taken but apparently they dropped off a little squirly swag oh these ones from the actual video oh look at that fell textured everything these are our nude squirrels oh this is Brandon Brandon guess what it is number 29 in the funnel active cookbook pretty finished it’s officially finally finished just a time for lunch 297 pages no we have any book that’s 297 hold you definitely oh my gosh look how crazy those are do Alice Mayton alright this one’s 16 and I want to show you this do you really so tight last three days you read the whole thing you look till like 1:00 last night running today then 11:00 the night before because he’s a cookbook thing something else these are bad meat it’s been good this is a this is the stuff you remember your babies actually gonna log it Oh oh we’re seen yawns right now it’s only 1:20 in the morning so how much caffeine is running this show three yeah Todd it’s actually 3:30 in the morning a lot of East Coast guys out here Jake’s rubbing his eyes pretty heavy right now this is happy Easter roll over one two or three in the morning type of stuff I live two minutes yes that’s the team we have here cranking it out building clique models all right it is 1:30 in the morning 131 and John just posted a video don’t tell anybody yeah it’s not like it’s hidden right or something yeah it’s not scheduled for tomorrow yeah check posted like Oh kinda freaking out here it’s on Facebook but it’s not on Facebook how is this happening just got here all right so Ryan just made me an honorary coder yeah they coded custo mains so that everyone get accustomed to main TV right now and he’s letting me do it I’m pushing the button so this what happens I’ve never done this before and so I’m gonna do is slide this all the way over here did it ever get it paint well one more thing after that so slide it to a hundred percent so we need like percentage of users give this feature if you want or everybody everybody hit that green button it is known you all custom domains now so easy it is all the time it’s raining tacos who’s excited to in the morning at the taco party I go back and work I want to film you guys will do hours later yes is 4:13 we’re still here retired so I’ve got done homepage pricing page order form upsell for demo page is done and then five time I still get the pressed page team page full tea trade page that’s probably half of a okapis upsell emails up mr. Jamie is five five five I am what I do a cup yes yesterday morning about that time it’ll almost be 24 hours it was left yeah yeah but I finally on the flow check it out apply to flow on these pages have been freaking out about it now it’s like looking so sexy these our demo pages only have four more of these pages three more these pins after this one they’re going to be emails all the email sequences that promote this demo they’re gonna make sure cookbooks UPS all done Steven upping on that well you’re all still here do you know time it is tool time it’s bouquet oh yes the joke is funny earlier at 6:30 in the morning I’ve gotten one two three three four five six six the a pH is done at 7 a.m. and vacuum two hours I’m not done but there’s trouble at home which are sleeping I’ll be back two hours

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That one where we were one day before the Viral Video Party!!! Funnel Hacker TV Episode 55

That one where we were one day before the Viral Video Party!!! Funnel Hacker TV Episode 55