That one where we wrote some Awesome Copy while wearing Animal Suits… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 45

Dana Derricks is in town to help Russell out with some AMAZING Copywriting. The best part about all of this is he brought his ANIMAL SUITS! Now It’s a Party!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 45 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we wrote some Awesome Copy while wearing Animal Suits…

[Music] and we’re supposed to be getting the harm another video here soon to actually see this good but they don’t want to send you so again you want to watch us watch it which is super awkward that’s driving a forklift how do you guys write a copy so this how it works I don’t we’re mind but not to bedtime tonight my kids we love it that is not my Daniel Chan comes in the door we don’t know what to expect it looked like he killed a bunch of bears or something find something I defer in high school who got a real aid suit and then he’d go there’s this makeout point they were and make out and he’d sneak out and then like you were making out the cars and he jump on them big jump on and freaked him out and then I take off and just scare the crap out of people it was awesome now I can do it we still good for the show alright so Dana’s last gift but Stephens wearing at home on a motorcycle ride for sure I don’t mind but not till bedtime tonight my kids we love it [Laughter] [Laughter] [Music] all right so now I’m getting way way way excited because the house is finally come together we got subfloor down sticks are going up Oh now as we can see my dad’s driving a forklift we’re gonna back on us driving a forklift that’s so easy an entrepreneur can do [Music] get out of the way here out of safety for pocket precautions and that concludes today’s forklift the dad Gabe come check us out right here you bout to see something exciting on the screen so this is the dilemma we have is two things number one is so we’ve got ClickFunnels™ like corporate branding stuff and now we’re leading with nude squirrels and the prospector portrays how do you design the site so it’s got like this but like poor pretty blue gears flat UI anyway so I sent okie the project harmless have a guide universe in the project and I’m probably gonna try three and see this one’s gonna be the best but summer one and the number two is like how you write the copy for this cuz it’s like it’s a billion things so we’ve dated Derek’s he’s amazing copywriter and he’s inner circle he asked Mike um speaking his event I was like you are an amazing copywriter and I could use your skills so he’s coming to trades he didn’t write copy so we have forgotten I copy for sass products so and we’re supposed to be getting the Harmons brother video here soon we’ll actually see this one bundle Nathan alright so the base event I’ve ever spoken out was grant cardones last year where there was printing hundred people for liking live issues and probably 3,500 but I just got invited to speak at cardones new event suppose they have how many people 8,500 with a potential of 10,000 people possibly that is nuts so check it out this is the stadium I’ll be on the stage what that’s insane though so cool life it doesn’t make T the very next day alright some Scott my office today the Harmon brothers want to do the demo showing but they don’t want to send just to look at you want to watch us watch it which is super awkward but that’s how it’s got to go we are all excited nervous and nerves are normal but that’s okay it’s turned out really well what’s up watch it through the Hangout let’s have you guys get the best possible sound and just kind of watch it and you just want to leave your you have a second screen you can watch it on or something we’d like to just from our in your the audio and your reactions awkwardly look at you as you watch the video o subsided that’s their to push play wide a buffer Gary meet Steve an office worker who’s about to get his first gold digger I am checking what’s going on in the office today who’s all in the house Joe check this out got all of our support leads here we’re super super excited Mark’s got this whole thing under control right hey what’s up guys this here is the dream 100 board a lot on this column here which is our invite list not as many over here so we’re gonna be crushing it here trying to make sure that all these people here get under the yes coming to Boise you call them they will so get all of our support leads in here we’re having lunch look at the spread [Music] three boxes something special for you you have your very own Thor hammer what Oh shake it it lights up but now we get so you have a chest plate and a wig I think you need to put it on all right in case I need you guys wondering how do you guys write a copy so this how it works first off it starts in Microsoft Word then you print out the long sales letter and then you put it like this that way you can see it and then when something doesn’t fit you get scissors out and you literally cut it and then you write something up print it out and then shove it in kind like ClickFunnels™ except for it works with pages and then it goes like this and there is the first draft of the new sales letter for the funnel clicks that we are trying to write forward literally like cutting and pasting that’s how easy ClickFunnels™ is it literally is just cut and paste it’s almost like it’s a tech company wondering Tracy has been running stats trying to figure out how much money people make by using ClickFunnels™ as opposed to like a traditional websites get 47 thousand members data for all of our members who selling products if you add an order form bump increase your cells by 147 percent you have an OT o this increases your sales by hundred thirty percent and it down so 133 percent so what that means for every hundred dollars a normal website makes a click phones funnel will make drumroll please six hundred and forty dollars that’s five hundred forty percent increase in sales me across having those three things which is insane that’s like playing basketball you know how they’re like five on five it’s like pulling for away with another team and then playing five on one that’s a normal website this is what a ClickFunnels™ website with the order form bone and the OTO and the down cell is that’s insane so we’re gonna be using that here in this long-form sales letter it keeps evolving if you now we’ve got this block here that block here some copies of images headlines just keeps getting bigger and better and more amazing you might type it into your word document hours here’s a clue this is enjoying this days are here working his butt off writing copy Forsyth out and warehouse had some fun so right now he’s showing the kids pictures of his goats and we’re in here having some fun in the rest of them [Music] [Music] it’s day two three with ace today Jade is working all my on the new version so here is the original sales letter and then here is the new one from last night whoa pre-signed in microsoft word Jake’s been working we have all these things we need like prospectors so he went and got the images then he sent him over to some dude where’s this guy live in Guatemala there’s Steve the office worker mark and then here is our beautiful gold digger and then here is our Debbie hey char what’s up heavy within like less than an hour comes back with there’s Debbie what there is our gold digger we also have up here we’ve got our nude squirrels oh and then we got a prospector which is based off of this dude’s ooh oh man this would be the coolest project ever okay so we’re coming this script that Russell threw together and I’m just putting might kind of like bottom touches on it so it’s like two really good calculators kind of formal one and it’s not quite done but I was so excited I saw Dave’s the only one here some women who do this is like yeah so here’s what we got so the reality is I couldn’t let you hear the whole thing so we had to cut it off because he’s a master my gosh this guy’s just crushing it and you will see this soon to be continued for sure [Music] all right so dated give you the cost you kids’ll ooh yeah I’m gonna go put on a little scare let’s do it cane or some bear camera one exists you shoot me now there’s only belly nothing dad you do know you’re on camera 9 the nudies mr. Donkey Kong is now dead [Music]

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That one where we wrote some Awesome Copy while wearing Animal Suits… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 45

That one where we wrote some Awesome Copy while wearing Animal Suits… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 45