The Hand That You Don’t See, That’s Guiding You On Your Journey

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This is not your traditional marketing episode, but hopefully it helps you to understand your role in the plan.

On this podcast Preacher Russell talks about the journey that leads you to where God (or whatever you believe in) wants you to be. Here are some of the insightful things in this episode:

-Find out why Russell feels that the struggles from his past have made it possible for his present.

-Hear why Russell believes his journey is so important for what God ultimately has in store for him.

-And find out why when he looks back on the most difficult and painful time in his life, he is grateful for the journey.

Listen below to see why your journey is so important for where you end up.

what’s up everybody so Brunson and I got a really cool message I want to share with you guys tonight that first may not seem like a marketing secret but I really could probably the secret behind all the gifts and talents we’ve been given so the big question is this power onch Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright everybody so I hope first off that you’re all having a great day and I just want to share a really neat experience and I’m gonna get slightly religious for like five seconds but just to be able to illustrate a point behind why I believe you’ve been given the gifts that you have and I guess if you’re here listen to my podcast that’s not a fluke you’ve been blessed with something amazing and because of that you’ve also been blessed with desire to share to help order server to something right like it’s just it’s not something I understood for a long time it’s something I see so clearly now a big believer that that God he calls us to do things and then he qualifies us by oftentimes taking us through a long horrible road for us to learn the skills we need to be able to accomplish the thing that he wants us to do it’s interesting so and you may or may not believe that but regardless it’s it happens you’ve seen it right you’ve seen where it’s like I’m gonna accomplish this thing I have no idea I’m gonna do that and you go through this horrible painful process often times and then on the out the back side of it you’re able to accomplish that thing and it’s like oh that actually wasn’t that bad and it’s because of this this journey this road we’ve gone on that has increased our capacity to be able to actually do the thing we need to do anyway so last the weekend we were in San Diego for for David or Sun Chandler got married and it was a cool thing and so my wife and I had a chance to fly down there and be there for the wedding and the reception and it just it was really really cool and then Sunday we’re flying back home and normally we you know try to go to church something but we couldn’t because it’s just the way timing was that but there’s a really cool thing in San Diego that it’s called the Mormon Battalion visitor center something like that and so we had like an hour before flights we went from our hotel there and then what’s a little tour of the thing and for those who don’t know Mormon history doesn’t really matter but it was interesting is that after after people murdered the Prophet the the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith they were leaving and they were trying to come basically back West to find like somewhere to hide from these people who didn’t like the Mormons right and so they get these hand cards and they’re moving all this stuff and they’re literally fleeing from from from the government and then all of a sudden one day all these these guys show up and these horses and like hey we need 500 of your men to to join them this this army to fight with the country against the the Mexican Army’s and and you know first like dude you guys literally you killed our property around us out of the town you killed our people you’ve done these things and now you want us to join in your army and and anyway basically I’m not gonna get too much in the whole story but but they prayed about it I felt like yes when you do this so five hundred these men left their wives and less there’s children and what and this long huge a year-long journey down down to Texas and across Arizona all the way to California part of this this little army called the Mormon Battalion and they were promised by the Prophet Brigham Young at the time that if they went on this journey that they wouldn’t actually see war and their families be protected so that’s kind of this thing’s they go on this huge journey and I promise you guys who were their religion the non-religious people are listening saying why is he talking about this there’s a purpose at a point and I think it’s important so anyway takes these people and they go on this journey for all these for you know months and months and get finally get all the California they don’t see any war they go in California actually end up in San Diego and when their San Diego was interesting like they brought with them like they learned how to make bricks all these sort of things they came to San Diego and taught the people to hear this and they actually help settle San Diego initially and then from there they’re their year and of being up with the with the armies had a chance to go back and get their families and help them come across the plains and was interesting about it and this is I want to share this is that they went on this big long journey that they felt called by the Lord to go on they didn’t you know they’re like hopefully you know to help in this war they didn’t get in the war they never fought they never eat anything but they went on this journey and through this journey man they got dehydrated they didn’t eat or drink for weeks at a time all sorts of things they met Indians that I did also have a bit on this journey they’ve learned a whole bunch of really cool things they learned how to farm in desert land they learned how to get how to make bricks they learned how to kind of find food they learned all these amazing things so then when they get back and they get their families they moved to Salt Lake when you get to Salt Lake Lake Salt Lake was like a horrible place right there’s this big salty lake in the middle this valley everything’s dead and this is where the Mormons decide to settle right and they get there and these five hundred men that gone on this big huge journey they get here in the Reich well we know how like we learned on this journey how to go and like how to irrigate water we learn how to make bricks we learned how to do all these things and all these skills that they had to have when they got to Utah to be able to settle that place and be able to build this amazing city that they did and as I’m watching it’s like I literally like tears in my in my eyes like as I’m as I’m realizing how symbolic this is to most the missions will we go on right like for some reason we always have some kind of calling right and it comes in different ways some people some of you guys like you got into this business because you’re like the calling was like I need to make money for my family right that was definitely initially what got me into this right and it’s the equivalent like hey you’re gonna go to war to California leave your family or no this huge long journey so you go on this journey and I think if people would have told us ahead of time like hey if you do on this journey here’s what’s gonna happen you’re gonna you know you’re not gonna have water he gave me going through like Arizona in the middle of summer you’re not gonna have like I was horrible day if we knew the journey and I’m wounded done right if you knew also he had to go through the builds your business you probably would’ve done initially right I can like that that’s just too much I can’t do that some of you guys you know came in not because you wanted money maybe was because you wanted impact or you had a message or you found a product that you loved or there’s someone you believe and you want to support them or whatever we all come in for different reasons different things that bring us into this this journey and then we have to go through a journey that typically is not easy like if I look back on the last 14 years of my life the journey to get to where we are today and get click phones were like it wasn’t it was not all sunshine and roses it was tough it was really really tough but what happens when you go through those hard times like it increases your capacity to handle things you learn little pieces of every single thing along the way and I feel that that God is preparing you for whatever your Romish it is and I don’t even think click phones was my real mission to me Leon it’s like I think it’s it’s something it’s they click phones to prepare me for something different I think I have Inklings of an idea of where my real mission is I could be completely wrong I don’t I don’t know but all the ups and the downs of trials errors I learned and it helped help me for a decade my life to increase in capacity so that when this amazing opportunity ClickFunnels™ came I’ve been able to handle it I know that I look at my partners people my team I look at the journeys they allow to go through to build increase their capacity to be able to handle this thing because then I don’t know about I think who talked us out a little bugs podcast like it’s it’s not all sunshine and roses it’s it’s a battle every single day we’re getting the crap kicked out of sometimes some things it’s like you knocked down you get back up again but if that would happened five years ago we couldn’t handle it and so we when I was an interesting journey where we got beat up over and over and over again increase our capacity so when we got to this battle to this war to this to this stage or on now we had the capacity to handle these things and it’s so fascinating and yeah and it just makes me so grateful for that journey and for those things like I think that’s why I started crying and watching this thing with the Mormon Battalion like like none of them wanted to go on that journey the journey was horrible but because they were on that journey they come back to the Salt Lake Valley and they they had been blessed with the gifts and the talents and abilities they needed to be able to thrive in the desert next to a big huge salty nasty lake right and I feel like all of us go on the same journey and I don’t know like most you guys I’m sure the journey that you thought you were going on when you get back to where yeah now like it wasn’t the same journey right like it’s similar and but all these things you learn along the way made it possible and again I feel like this this ClickFunnels™ thing that we’re doing now as much as I love it and I’m obsessed with it and I’m like so grateful for it but it flow for the ups and the downs and for everything like it’s it’s preparing me for something else is preparing people my team for something I don’t know what that is yet I don’t think maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think God cares a ton about you know if my funnel converts or not which by the way the new fund we launched last week is killing it but he doesn’t care right but but he’s giving me and you and us the talents the skillsets the relationships the abilities the things we need so we can do it he really wants us to do so my recommendation for this podcast and my thoughts is just for you guys to think about like what is he really calling you to do maybe there is no God maybe maybe honestly just think that like other like maybe there’s not maybe this is all just coincidence I don’t know but regardless this journey we go on it’s it’s preparing us for the next thing and I believe in a God I believe that he’s there guiding this stuff and so like I’m not afraid to talk about that I believe it but when you do believe it it’s interesting because it’s just like wow that there’s this hand in this guy to me like what am i learning along the way like why why did I have this horrible trial this horrible thing that happens like well a lot of times we don’t know right now but in hindsight you look back later you’re like wow I could not have done that if it wasn’t for that I think how fascinating that that thing that I hated became this you know such a good thing ever Tony Robbins have been he asked everyone is like who here like surprise never his hands are raised he’s like bullcrap he’s like he’s like you like surprises that are good you know him like surprises that are bad you know like all the issues like the bad things happen those are all surprises you don’t like those surprises right like we like the surprises that are good but the other surprises are there but I believe they’re there for our good they’re taking us and preparing us and expanding our capacity so we can really do it our real mission is and most of us probably don’t know what our real mission is but I think it’s important to keep moving forward and whatever the thing the path that you’re you’re on because as you do that like that vision of like what your true calling is will appear someday and but only if you’re prepared for it if you’re not prepared for it’s not gonna be there what a tragedy that moment finds him unprepared or unqualified for that moment which could have been his finest hour one of my favorite quotes so there you go there’s a little religion from from Russell Manor preached you guessed and I hope you don’t mind but I just think it’s it’s fascinating it was it meant a lot to me so I want to share with you guys as well and just think about that this journey we’re going on like the ups and the downs of frustrations like don’t give up because there’s something there you’re supposed to learn is something there’s your capacity to prepare you for something that’s coming and I know if that’s coming in a month now week from now a year from now five years time finishing I don’t know what it is but I promise you these skill sets these things you’re learning along the way aren’t just happened chance right like there’s no reason like like III barely like I struggled in school right like how in the world was I blessed with these abilities to write books and dry copy and to speak like if you saw me ten years ago I was the most awkward person ever like III couldn’t look someone in the eye and talk to him right I want a mission for the Mormon Church to knock doors for two years door by door I was so shy and awkward and nervous and like I hated it you know I would have to speak in church on Sunday I be so scared like all these things like but like those skills like those things you learn like man like like there’s so many ways that I’m using it today and anyway just fascinating it’s just a cool thing looking backwards it’s hard to seem forward and so I just wanted to pause tonight and look backwards from my own perspective because I’m now seeing the fruits of those things in my life and depending on where you are and all of you guys are different spots right some of you guys probably did some really really tough times right now and it’s hard to look back and be like oh this blessings awesome but I promise you like it’s not gonna last and there will be a time able to stop and look back and think wow so grateful for that thing I still think about like the most painful probably the most painful experience in my life was when we built up every call center made a hundred people and some he hasn’t heard me tell the story before but I for the whole thing collapsed and I had let go 40 50 60 people overnight when I had people that I loved and cared about and thought were my friends and it walked out on me and like I think that was so like so much pain and in that moment like man I I could have never looked at that and been like oh this is awesome but was it’s so fast and now looking back on that and I am so so grateful for that course correction that that was forced upon me like if it wasn’t for that look at the direction we were going like who knows like it wouldn’t have been good wouldn’t been this it would’ve been and that time when I was in the darkest like I I still remember one morning trying to leave the house and I was in Seoul like so much mental anguish like I didn’t wanna go out the door and my wife came into my room she’s like what’s what’s going on and I couldn’t even talk and I just start crying and I understood me and like pulled me down to our knees and we sat there and and she prayed for me and prayed for us and prayed for this thing and I’m looking back like that was such a scary scary moment and I know how I was gonna survive that from a business from a like there’s so many things I like how many survives I don’t know no idea they stood up she gave me a kiss I got the door and back into battle and I’m gonna figure it out and because of that again that’s what Riis the capacity so when the trials and the issues come today I’m more prepared for than I was then and there’s still stuff happening like I’ve talked about some podcasts other things that happened to been like stretching me again but preparing for the next phase whatever that might be and I’m just hope that I’m worthy and prepared for that when it comes and I hope that you are as well because our Heavenly Father he wants to use you in ways that you don’t even know yet and if you’ll prepare for that he’ll be amazed to what he’s able to do with you it’s it’s um sunroom so there you go preaching before I go to bed hope you guys don’t mind appreciate you guys listening in and and whether you believe in God or not it doesn’t matter just know that there is stuff leading your life and if you’re in a dark spot or a happy spot whatever have faith keep pushing forward and it’ll it’ll all turn out right in the end and that’s why God so appreciate you guys have a good night and I’ll see you soon would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind-the-scenes reality TV show at WWF NL hacker TV

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The Hand That You Don’t See, That’s Guiding You On Your Journey

The Hand That You Don’t See, That’s Guiding You On Your Journey