The one where I was on set with the Harmon Brothers. Funnel Hacker TV Episode 29

Clickfunnels™ Harmon Brothers – I was on set filming the viral video

Clickfunnels™ Harmon Brothers: On this episode, I flew to Utah and spent a day on set filming the viral video with the Harmon Brothers for our new ClickFunnels™ launch.

Clickfunnels™ Harmon Brothers: The viral video

Let’s go crazy you have a prospector even here make up we got lights camera office create huge office happening over here you had the American jury you are going to start your own company put your own boss ah one free back rub just one free high-five now three foot rub for me not you this is crazy that’s a real screw when I got

there that had a fake mini Coors Light beer cannon same thing when I was getting news now good morning everybody stay at my parents house last night on the trip good while he Harmon brothers were filming the viral video we’re waking up and back here feels like it’s high school I got my back to card school anyway heading out the door trying to check down to move the provolone Mary Han got hotel your check-in let’s check in last night didn’t

make it so we can check in drop all my stuff then we had nowhere to the film shoots got a cool [Music] here we go all right so I’m here on set office to come on fine this place we found it animal will kind of show you guys some of the some stuff to get the prospector even here makeup we got lights camera office crew a huge office happening over here with extras going playing office workers and then I can abandon office right now I think if you see the actual it’s just like gutted but they’re trying to make it look on the side over here language it office oh so the line here is nice and bucks a month that’s like iron hotels Tintin didn’t want me to keep on in this video only two ponds loving us

Clickfunnels™ Harmon Brothers: Freehub unlimited free high five

probably right one free back rub is one freehub unlimited free high five not now pretty clip rough for me not you and free moustache trim cut country [Music] and accent you have the American jury you are going to start your own company be your own boss make money while you sleep well Debbie from instruction to that idea that before me chairs of rather idea she said that members that have been saying 90% of Debbie fails do I have me Oh HOH but actually she’s right but that’s only because ninety percent of them are doing it wrong okay all right so this is where we’ve still been having like having a go caverns beam tomorrow crazy [Music] you exist they want to let you know I

found this I thought I need like a no bomb that’s a real squirrel when I got there it had a fake too many Coors Light beer cannon their job you need it quick cause mascot even the squirrels in there there’s a band of my wife she’s going to show scroll painting [Music] that is the coolest thing ever it’s not so I did the same thing when I was getting me round thank you guys thank you are calling prison for the god I don’t like no such system we’re giving them printed on canvas and they’ll give it a canvas texture and then I’ve got some some stuff that I can add to it to make it look whether it’s shiny or this brushstrokes in it be awesome yeah it’ll look totally traditional no one will be able to

tell action so you use an easy website building service your it looks pretty but it sucks at selling like barely Hey sure that’s what they all say okay good let’s do it again all right so I moving it from an early because oh hi cookie Dean 25 so launches 45 minutes I had gentleman rental hat over to Russia annexed Alden operation of the railroad they help kids from sex trafficking and can program inside cells and we’re going to be working for them maybe their voice I minute so I like to do in the next few minutes they’ll be about States fully anyway hopefully I can find way back to the hotel 6:30 I need to be on the facebook life it’s mint between our two tenets now I still have to get video online you know the list to figure out how to start providing the direction that for some particular all right so this is our six medical everything perfect come out here I go to manual star apply and go live we go I button some reason I’m

Clickfunnels™ Harmon Brothers: Start Email Campaign

clickable so the post we had up there we was spending money promoting and we sent emails Froning we can’t get live because OBS isn’t on my computer and it’s expired you have ten minutes so I just lost all that effort and work and emails and everything Dean so I am going to – pixel wipe my photo quick and pray that it works what’s up everybody this is Russell I hope you guys are awesome I appreciate you all and uh Takia is all good food bye everybody all right okay so I’m fiscally Timnath blame these guys it’s not good for first impression especially someone who’s amazing this time a mile away would be the same and hopefully be late cross the finish all right let’s go back and dinner with Timothy Ballard commemorating camera and this can awkward but if you google Timothy

Ballard an operation Underground Railroad you see who hid what he believed was doing it was pretty pretty impressive he’s going in and he’s flying these countries were kids been kidnapped and put into sex slavery is coming in and saving the kids and arresting people if they think over a thousand kids now and that’s cool so three hours tonight with him planning out to help get awareness on this I talked about how slavery through our disclaimer when people isn’t aware of it and when there’s a big light shining on the on the darkness it will made it light and we’re working with them to the final dress and trafficking awareness to be come that light will shine on that darkness and and free a lot of kids so pretty cool tired beat up go to bed because I got an early flight tomorrow checking back tomorrow to do decade they have inner circle member so that’s a game plan not tonight see you later

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The one where I was on set with the Harmon Brothers. Funnel Hacker TV Episode 29

The one where I was on set with the Harmon Brothers. Funnel Hacker TV Episode 29


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