The Only Way To Create Leverage In Your Business – Alex Charfen – FHR #204

Why Dave Decided to talk to Alex:

Host of Momentum Podcast, and creator of the Billionaire Code, Alex Charfen talks about the only way a business owner or entrepreneur can create real leverage in their business.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-Team Building Tips (4:00)

-What you need to look at when you are just starting out building a team (6:30)

-Questions you should be asking yourself when growing your business (8:00)

-Breaking down a time study (14:40)

-Finding your “Super Bowl “Hall of Fame” (18:40)

Quotable Moments:

“Entrepreneurs all want to make a massive impact on the universe.”

“Identify the things in your business that you don’t need to do anymore that you can outsource to somebody.”

“If you don’t have an executive assistant, then you are one.”

Other Tidbits:

Being accountable for your time and knowing where your time is spent is key. Time studies should be done every 90 days to optimize time usage. Finding your weaknesses is the only way you are going to grow.

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward hey everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio I’m your host Dave Woodward and I hope you guys can put on your seat belt because you guys are in for a ride of your life today I have one of my dear friends I want to bring on the show al-jarf and Alex welcome to the show what’s up David so good to be here with you brother this is my second interview with you it’s the first time my interview is all about the entrepreneurial personality type and I was just getting to know you since then we’ve spent a ton of time out of pirates go with our families you’ve been here at inner circle Boise and I’ve seen the impact that you’ve had on our life’s here at ClickFunnels™ and I just can’t thank you enough for just the value that you always are giving to so many people so Alex I’m so appreciative that you’re willing to take time to be on this podcast today so thank you so much well I mean I just want to tell you something Dave like my my association with you and with Russell and with the inner circle and with ClickFunnels™ has completely changed our lives and it’s given us so much progress it’s so much momentum in such a short period of time I think we I think it’s all it’s been less than a year and you know I’ve known Russell for years but we’ve decided to finally like go headfirst and like jump in and I remember the day I called and said like hey guys I need to be in whatever Russell has that’s most expensive and most important because like I wanna I want to really understand what you do and here’s what’s so crazy about ClickFunnels™ and really being in the inner circle with Russell or associated with any of the coaching programs is that I don’t think that the outside world understands the level of acceleration that you guys provide to a business because for us it’s been night and day it’s like before click funnels we didn’t even have the lights on and and you know we were not unsuccessful before hate it’s crazy how much better it is well I love it again it’s for me it’s so much fun just to be with successful people to work with people like yourself and again it’s it I always let me have this conversation my boys just the other day about the value of relationships to me there’s nothing more important this life than the people that you meet and people you spend time with and I think for me at the the game that we’re playing these days is really to associate with those people who who are helping other people become successful and really creating a legacy and the neighborhood scale and I know that’s one of the main things that you focus on and so if you don’t mind I’d like to just kind of dive right first of all a little background if you guys don’t know who Alex Jonathan is I don’t know how you couldn’t but just google his name it you’re gonna see Forbes and fortune and every 500 company in the world basically coming up was used to services in the past but the thing I love most about Alex right now is this is a guy who understands the entrepreneur probably better than anybody else he’s got a podcast do not listen to it you’d need to go and subscribe go get them momentum podcasts all about the entrepreneurial personality type he’s crushing it over there again huge props to everything you’ve done Alex but right now I want to take the next 15-20 minutes and really talk about a topic you and I were just exploring and that is this whole idea as far as team now you made the comments while we were before we started the recording here and that was you know 20% of most click foolish users are the footwear they really need to look at scale and team the other 80% are kind of getting started but the fascinating thing about clip phones that allows you to get from start up to 300 500 thousand literally in just a few months if you’re really focused and I’ve been shocked just to see miles on our team here handles a lot of our to comic club applications and they come in all the time right now we have over 206 people have made over a million dollars in sales funnel and now we’re at that point where we really need to help businesses get to that next level and that’s the skill set did you bring and I really want to just focus in on you know people talk a lot about this whole concept of team building Alex your approach to it is so revolutionary and so new that I’ve never even heard before if you don’t mind could you kind of explain our audience when you look at team building what are you really looking at so Dave you know I think here’s here we have to first like understand why we need to build the team and and here’s how I look at it for entrepreneurs like you and like me like Russell and like a lot of people who are listening if you’re in the ClickFunnels™ ecosystem you’re probably one of those people who wants crazy momentum you’ve always had that thought in the back of your head that you’re here for more you’re meant to be more do more create more and put out there well here’s what happens there’s this point in our careers where we realize the momentum we can generate on our own what we can do on our own is no longer enough and the logical next step and really the the next step the only next step that works is to start building a team and getting leverage and and creating that team that’s going to help you grow your business past where you are and the incredible thing about ClickFunnels™ is it will put you into that situation way faster than if you’re not using quick bottles like you will accelerate to the place where you probably accelerate past where you should have attitude and here’s why I think that’s so important for entrepreneurs like we we all want to make a massive impact on the universe but all of us like there’s not one of us who can do it alone when you look throughout history at any entrepreneur you remember anyone who matters to be remembered you know there’s this myth of the people who did it on their own when you look under the covers there was a team there 100% of entrepreneurs had a team Thomas Edison he wasn’t alone in his warehouse in Menlo Park tonight there was an entire team dropping off glass bringing filaments helping him blow you hoping to blow stuff up 10,000 times so he could finally turn nine today but no one does it alone so if you’re an entrepreneur my whole message is get to the point where you need a team as fast as you can and then recruit one that’s gonna help you take your business to where you’ve always known it should be I love that I think I wish I wish everyone had all the knowledge that you already have in your head right now because one things you guys understand is this principle that Alex teach is called a billionaire code it honestly was one of the things for me that changed the way I looked at how we build ClickFunnels™ and I know we talked a lot about getting people from you know from zero to a hundred thousand to three hundred thousand seven or thousand a million three million seven million ten million and it keeps scaling up like that you know I’ve had these these you know three 7:01 type of conversations before but when you look at say for example you know 80% of our users maybe less than a million bucks right now what is when they look at building a team what are the some first things they need to look at when you’re just starting out and building a team like when you have never had members of a team before like it’s just you the team that you’re going to build is going to replace in the team you should build replaces things that you do and so let’s just look at like what it looks like for a single for a solopreneur you know you’re doing everything in your business and one of the mistakes that solopreneurs make is they’re doing everything they’re overwhelmed and they’re like okay I’m gonna go hire a body and they put the body next to him they say help me make this better that works about zero percent of the time unless that body is like a spouse or somebody who can’t leave then then eventually you might figure it out but what you should what you should be doing is when you’re in that first place of leverage identify the things in your business that you don’t need to do anymore that you can outsource to somebody if you know at the beginning we’re doing everything so start outsourcing outsource design outsource Facebook Ads outsource whatever it is that’s not the highest and best use for you and the company and start getting leveraged that way because at first it’s very hard to afford full-time people then once you go through that outsourcing and you get people on board the first full time person I believe any entrepreneur should hire is the person who’s going to make their life easier go out and get yourself an executive assistant and train them to help you operate the company get that person who’s gonna be next to you and helping you operate keep the trains on on time make sure you’re keeping schedules understand everything that’s going on work as a project manager because in a small business it’s you and then you need someone who can help you leverage your time the question you should be asking is how can I find a team that will help me get ahead how can I find a team that will help me be able to do more how can I find a team that will make me more effective that is your mantra far too many entrepreneurs do what I did in my first business day I got overwhelmed at the beginning and I was like oh I need a sales guy so I hired a sales guy I had a consulting company so I needed more consultants we got more contracts I’ve hired a ton of consultants and I needed somebody to manage them so I the manager then I needed somebody to keep track of accounting so I had a CFO and I just kept building the company that way and Dave 10 years later I had a two hundred fifty million dollar company and my life was heck I didn’t want to do it anymore I was completely overwhelmed I never got help I just continued to hire people around me and I turned it turned out I felt like that I was for the company not a team working for me I mean I was the most captive employee that the team had and I owned the place and the way that you avoid that is you bring people in who immediately help you start offloading where you’re uncomfortable make your life easier your job as an entrepreneur when you start building a team is to do less and it’s one of the hardest lessons for us to learn but when we force ourselves to start doing less when we allow our team to do more when we give up the outcome and we say hey you go drive and do this then and coach success along the way everything in our business changes man Alex I echo exactly what you just said only because I went through that same thing it’s I wish if I could learn anything it would have been what you just said and that is the first hire should be your assistant and I yeah that literally I was probably my tenth or twelfth hire in my first company because I kept I thought I’ll do all that other kind stuff I need people to sell any people do these other types of things if you don’t mind I know you had a ton of experience hiring assistance for me the hardest part when I was looking at hiring assistant was I thought I went through first of all I always thought as far as anybody had an executive assistant they had to be really super successful so I had some success issues I had to work through but it’s kind of stupid but then the next thing I realized was I went through this whole issue as far as you know gosh they don’t do it as fast or as good as I can’t I can just do it better myself and so I had to own that and then the next issue I struggled with was what am I really paying this person for and does it make sense for me to pay this person literally to to pick up my laundry and to pick up to do these things that were other parts of my life that weren’t associated my business so if you don’t mind just kind of I mean you and I’ve had these conversations before as far as a little bit outsourced in your life and you’ve done an amazing job out of Alex but give people what types of things can they really have their assistants do and why is it so important they get this person hired and how to be higher well so here’s what I tell entrepreneurs Dave if if you don’t have an executive assistant then you are what you’re you I love that have an executive assistant when somebody asks you what you should do what you do you should say I’m an executive assistant because that’s what you are because if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re doing all the assistant activities that’s the main role you’re playing and when you bring in the right executive assistant they can double or triple your productivity here’s why because like you said Dave you go here’s here’s what I suggest everybody does when they’re hiring names and ei is you do a two-week time study and Dave you have a little experience with this would make you don’t have your own experience with um time studies are a game-changer but they’re they’re like super frustrating because what you do is you write down everything you’re doing all day for two weeks and then you take that summary and you look at it and you ask yourself what on this two-week summary can I give to an executive assistant so I’m no longer doing it and what you’ll find is the amount of leverage you can get is overwhelming and when you bring in that person and have them start working with you everything will change and and you know every entrepreneur I’ve ever worked with has that that same um like mantra in their head what if I’m faster or better I just recorded a podcast I think it was yesterday or the day before called it doesn’t matter if you are faster or better momentum podcast calm and listen to it because here’s the fact you’re always gonna be faster and better than somebody who’s coming into your business you’re always gonna be faster and better because they can’t see the future they don’t know where the company is going you can anticipate what’s next you’re always gonna be faster and better it’s something you’ve been doing to get the company up and running here’s the fact doesn’t matter because if you keep doing it you can’t do the next thing that’s going to scale your business and for an entrepreneur who’s scaling a business behavioral change is absolute here’s what I mean by that you must change 100% of what you’re doing at each new phase of business or your company will not grow so have you been doing the same thing for a while if you’ve been stuck in the same activities for a while I guarantee you you show me an entrepreneur doing the same things I’ll show you a company that has absolutely plateaued oh my gosh a totally grew that fact we literally just hired a new relationship manager to help me in my sum of stuff I’ve been doing for that one reason I you don’t mind I want to slow things down and go back to one of the things that we went through real quick there alyx but to me honestly was such a men break through and that was his whole idea as far as a time study what I mean when I was coaching with you it was it was fascinating to me because I’m I feel like I’m a pretty productive person I’m pretty outgoing I can get a lot crap done but as you said you know David you know we went through a whole bunch of different things that and it just resonated so well for me on this whole idea as far as a time study and again realize everyone who’s listened this I if you do anything at all from this podcast the one thing I recommend that you do is that you do a time study and for me it limit it didn’t take two weeks I think out what it was it two days maybe three before I boxed you saying okay third day because it was day yeah oh I was so angry that I was doing you just get in the mode again it’s that it’s the great thing is about entrepreneurs we just make stuff happen but by doing that it’s also gonna be a fault and for me if I was literally just amazed at how much of the stuff I was doing that I needed an assistant for I literally came up with three different people I needed to hire out of that time study and it it was just fascinating to me and by doing it it’s has helped not only myself become more productive and scale but even the benefit to us as far as ClickFunnels™ it’s helped us in that areas will so if you guys don’t do anything all please just give a little more ideas for when they’re doing that time study what type of increments they need to be looking at and breaking it down a little more detail absolutely so you basically track what you’re doing every 15 minutes for two weeks and it when I when I say that entrepreneurs I can watch their physiology go like I’m gonna do what like nuts to do this not one up gives I mean I have to talk my clients into this but I just want to share with you I pulled up our high-end mastermind Facebook group and I just did a search on time study here’s the first three posts that are up Ashley Hall who is one of our clients put in I’ve been doing my first time study which I avoided since November this is January isn’t that like that’s dead-on she says I’m actually really happy and excited I’m doing it I feel like I’m acting with intention and being fully present in my tasks the time study has been a huge win for me because here’s what happens within 48 hours of starting the time study you’re looking at your time different and you’re thinking why am i doing these things it will start to get under your skin it’ll start to bother you it’ll irritate you and not want it to I want it to drive you nuts because what happens is when you look at where you’re investing your most valuable commodity of time and you’ve you realize how little of it is really where you want it to go you’ll start modifying immediately so the the entrepreneurs I coach the ones that pay me tens of thousands of dollars to a year to work with me they do a time study every 90 days and I get post like this all the time this is Molly Kaiser in our group and you know her day she posted the time study is helping me learn to better better balance and I’ve only done it for one day so far so honestly people if I can’t I cannot express the importance of doing this there’s nothing that’s more important right now in your business than this time study and I truly truly mean that because it will help you identify your strengths or weaknesses and more importantly how you can really scale and the one thing that everybody starts a business for is time freedom and yet it’s the one thing we always give up first when we start a business so again Alex to me it was just a brilliant experience and I appreciate you going through that yeah my pleasure David I think you know for anyone who’s thinking about it and you’re listening right now here’s what you do when you’re done with your time study sit down with it and mark the time that you spend in one of three ways strategic tactical and self-care or family time so you’re either strategic in your business tactical in your business or self-care and family time and then look at things like you know you can exercising’s is is self-care you know doing your planning is self-care those unless you’re doing it for your business and take those three metrics and look at them and if you’re spent here’s what most entrepreneurs find on their first-time study the lion’s share of what they’re doing is tactical there’s very little strategic and they’re disappointed with their self-care and family time and if you do it in the first time study and you do it another 90 days later it actually gives you verifiable information a scoreboard that says you are modifying how you’re using your time because it doesn’t matter what you do as an entrepreneur where you put your time will result in your level of success I totally agree with that and it’s been interesting you know we’ve got you know James P Friel here in our office helping Brussels basically folks on his unique abilities and unique strengths by creating more of an internal agency that we’ve been doing but it’s been fascinating because of the importance of time is it’s the one thing we still I mean everything we’ve been doing and and you’ve been extremely complementing towards how we built ClickFunnels™ but I appreciate how at the same time you’ve been able to help us really realize where some of our weaknesses are and I it is in that aspect of a time study so I get all entrepreneurs I want you to definitely make sure you’re doing that Alex I know we’ve got it just a few more minutes I want to jump to one of the other things I love about what you talked about I know if we can cover this as fast as I’d like to but that was the idea as far as the Super Bowl and Hall of Fame those to me I just I’m not kidding it we’re such mind-opening thanks to me and resonates so much that if you don’t mind kind of explaining that to my audience I’d really appreciate it absolutely so Dave what we teach and what we coach if you look at like what is the foundation of everything that I coach our higher end groups what’s the foundation of everything that we teach people who are in our momentum masterclass like how do we help entrepreneurs gain momentum it’s by forward planning because here’s the difference between an entrepreneurial business and like I’ll just I’m gonna use an example of an NFL team and I want everyone to know I know nothing about sports so if you ever seen anything because I use analogies like this and then people walk up to me and they’re like hey did you see the game last night I just want everyone to know if you see me at final hacking live and you ask me if I saw the game the answer will always be no no matter what game it was I don’t see any games but this analogy works and with went with football you know Dave at one point when I was a consultant I got the opportunity to work with a couple of NFL teams I got called him locker room I was helping with some communication systems it was an incredible experience because it taught me a ton about business because when I walked into the NFL team you know there was this massive contrast I remember talking to a rookie on like his first week and I’m like because I asked this in every organization I’ve ever been hey what are the goals around here dude cuz that like that’s how I asked a warehouse worker that to see if the company knows like if they’re communicating to their team and Dave the entry low rookie in a heartbeat goes the goals were to get to Hall of Fame when the Super Bowl win the season I’m gonna win who I line up against this month this is who I line up against this weekend and these are my assignments for the day and I remember the first time that happened I was like holy crap no wonder football team to do so well with disparate you know personalities from around the country that don’t really get along but they still do well because there’s absolute clarity as to where they are going and if you look at the average entrepreneurial company and you say hey where you guys going around here you know what are the goals like the average employee in an entrepreneurial company will tell you survive because they don’t really know what is that forward-looking structure and the challenge for an entrepreneur if you haven’t spelled out what is the hall-of-fame goal what’s the Superbowl what are we doing this year what do we do in this quarter what do what you know what did we need in this quarter to make sure we hit our one-year goals what are we doing in the next 30 days to make sure we hit our quarterly goals and rubber meets the road what are our commitments for the week and what are we doing today when you spell that out for your team here’s what happens you shift the entire personality of your company because you go from a transactional manager which means you tell people what to do you check that it got done and tell them what to do again to a transformational manager we’re a transformational leader where you give people clear outcomes like there’s our Super Bowl you coach success along the way you tell you you let them own the outcome because now they know it you coach their success along the way and you get leverage results and here’s the key until you may until you have that forward-looking structure you will be the biggest bottleneck in your company you just have to accept it because if people don’t know where they’re going they’re always going to be looking for you to what’s next but if they do know where they’re going now your team goes from being behind you and you feeling and literally being the biggest bottleneck to getting out in front of you and helping you get there and David you guys do one thing in ClickFunnels™ that’s like incredible it’s that every single person on the team at ClickFunnels™ will sit down with you and tell you how incredible the company is how much fun they have working there and where you’re going oh thank you very much again to me it was such an it there’s as an entrepreneur I think but he has to have you have to have your own Super Bowl and sometimes that Super Bowl is the end of the year what’s your end of your Super Bowl but I love Super Bowls coming on an annual basis the other thing then is what’s your legacy goal what do you want to be remembered for what are you how did you get in the whole thing yeah and I just outside literally could spend days and days speaking with you I love when we have that kind of time I know you’ve been so generous with your time today I can tell you right now anybody who’s listening couple things first of all do a time study if you haven’t done it if you even if you did it last week do it again it’s the most valuable thing you can do second of all you need to identify what your Super Bowl is and what your Hall of Fame is and third thing is you better be at funnel hacking live because Alex can be teaching the same stuff from stage and he’s also hosting a roundtable in addition to that he’s a dear friend of mine and a guy I just appreciate so much the contribution that you give to so many people so Alex any other parting words before we head out of here yeah Russell gave me permission today that I can tease that there is a huge and I mean like ridiculously huge announcement coming up at black in live and I’m involved I could not be more excited I think it’s not here here’s the deal it’s not gonna change the game it’s gonna rewrite the rules of the game so if you’re gonna be a funnel hacking live there’s there’s even more than you expect coming to you I love it Alex thank you so much please tell your wife Katie I said hello and definitely take care of the two little girls we’ll talk real soon but thanks brother you know one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on iTunes you wouldn’t mind going out great this show let me know how I’m doing just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it leave a comment I read all the comments I appreciate all the stars and everything everyone it’s already left for me I’m gonna really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it and I again thank you so much for all that you guys do have a great day

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The Only Way To Create Leverage In Your Business – Alex Charfen – FHR #204

The Only Way To Create Leverage In Your Business – Alex Charfen – FHR #204