The Pride Cycle, And How It Affects Your Company

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Understanding the “Pride Cycle” can keep your business protected from yourself.

On today’s episode Russell talks about the pride cycle and how he stays humble. Here a few of the amazing things in this episode:

-Find out what the pride cycle is and why you have to go through it to learn how to stay humble.

-Hear how Russell keeps himself humble so he doesn’t have to go through a third crash.

-And find out why sometimes pride isn’t the reason for your crash, you just needed to go another direction.

So listen here to find out how to keep yourself humble in your business so you don’t have to be humbled.

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson and welcome to a late night and marketing seekers podcast so the big question is this power arch Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable the question in this podcast will give you the answers my name is russell brunson and welcome to marketing secrets everyone I’m in my home tonight right now my wife and my kids are asleep I’m about to head to bed I still got kind of a stuffy nose hiya my Monday my my cold went away and then Todd and Ryan and Karen and Nick and everybody bunch of people flew in town this week to do big hackathon and working on some new updates and click funnels to click funnels action XMD and a bunch of just insane cool things we’ll be showing it for lacking live and we basically pulled two all-nighters in a row and lo and behold Michael came back so now we have official proof that sleep does correlate to if you’re gonna get sick or not so yeah he’s just sleeping robbed it’s it’s not actually what home early it’s a little after 10:00 so let me get some sleep tonight which I’m excited for but wanted to share a quick message with you guys that thought was really cool I was kind of just catching up with my boxers of my inner circle members and and answering them and I had a really cool conversation tonight sue boxer with one minor circle members these ClickFunnels™ member to combo club winner and inner circle members named akbar she clawed you guys may know him he’s very prominent in our community and it was a really cool conversation and I’m not gonna share the whole thing because you know first off just confidentiality with my clients second off it doesn’t matter kind of the end result of what we talked about and it being really cool and I thought it it would spend a little bit sharing with all of you guys I think it’s important so what Akbar he was talking he was just basically talking about you know business owners who and entrepreneurs have success and then a lot of times they they stop being humble and there’s a concept there’s concept called the the pride cycle so those who you know what’s the seminary like I did there’s a concept called pride cycle instead of pride cycle works cab so first is you are humble right and you’re eager to learn and try to grow whatever I did you because of that because you’re humble you sure have a success you start learning and growing you’re developing and they go this this circle rise to those who listen you can’t see my finger but those are watching I’m making a circle my fingers they started going up hearing success I start learning you more to get things happen and also you get to the very top and boom you’re having success and then what happens was I have a success we start drinking our own kool-aid we start become prideful which I think in man I am amazing and what happens at the top of that then this is the backside of the pride cycle where then the Lord or whoever it is humbles you and basically you become humble in to the point you end back in the very bottom and you cycled and then hopefully your humphs officially humble where you can learn and grow and then you start this process up again and you go up and then you top the cycle and then usually people top become prideful and then they crashing this is pride cycle right and this is happening around all day long is it happening in since the beginning of time you can see in political leaders religious leaders you can see it and people humans author like any anyone in your own life you’ve seen I guarantee you’ve seen it if you step back and look at your own life you see the pride cycle and and it’s it’s it’s a true thing that’s happening right and so we were talking about it’s like you know I need people a lot of times to ask me like we’re all so how come you know how do you stay humble things happening I was like because I’m scared the pride cycle I’ve gone on the full loop and the bottoms not very much fun so I’m trying to figure out like how do I stay up here and the thing that I know is that when you’re prideful you have to crash if you believe scripture you know says the Lord will have our humble people either you will be humble or he will humble you somebody okay I’m gonna be humble because I don’t want to be humble that’s horrible and essentially I was next thing I kind of told Akbar was about my friend I was in Mexico on this marketing thing and I was talking to this guy I became a friend later he’s super wealthy you know buys and sells businesses and makes you know ton of money and was interesting as we were talking he wanted to hear my story so of course his most entrepreneurs do I tell my highlight reel how cool I am and he’s like oh and not impressed I’m like huh and he asked he’s like he’s like so he’s always just had success and that’s like uh I kind of told my mic well twice I pretty much bankrupted my companies and and and he said well tell me that story that story sounds more interesting so I kind of tell this story and and he’s like good good what do you mean good that’s not good and he’s like no he’s like you cycled he said I’ll never work with entrepreneur has a cycle at least once and so he cycled he said you built the company you’ve crashed it’s like if you have a cycle is like you’re still gonna drink your own kool-aid read your own bio and believe it and he’s like it’s not gonna be good and I was like oh how cool is that first off cycling sounds way cooler than failing but second off I was just like how interesting it’s a pride cycle right he would all think he only works in his at least cycled once because they’re sufficiently humble or they listen to advice they’re gonna they’re gonna grow and so Akbar and I were kind of talking about this and then his message back was like well he’s like I’ve been down the bottoms like but I’ve gotten this power kind of top he’s like I don’t I don’t want that to be part of my story I don’t want the crashing part of my story like what do I do and so I just want to show this piece of ice cuz this is time I told him and I think that it’s important for all of us to think about so what I told him I said well first off Formica business like basically I learned is like yes he’s like is you know is about diversification is that the key that’s like well kind of like I believe in diversification in in some things but not your business I think everyone should go like whatever you want what if your business is gonna be like you should go all it like you should diversify your business I think having multiple businesses is the fastest way to destroy your business I know that from personal experience from a decade of it so this is not me just philosophizing this is me doing a lot of businesses and none of them could grow having a sole focus you’re not diversifying your businesses you’re diversifying the pieces around your business like where are the singular failure points for me my first time or the second biggest big business crash was I was running a one-person account and that was it it’s like oh and so it was like diversification of merchant accounts to protect myself so if this goes out this goes out like I have protection right that was number one in like two participation of traffic sources like yesterday yesterday’s podcast I talked about the Facebook slap that’s coming it’s like if if all your eggs are the Zuckerberg basket like you could be in trouble idle surreal that all their eggs were Google’s basket was PPC and PPC shifted businesses gone when with SEO and SEO shifted businesses gone like diversifying your traffic source like et make sure you get in traffic’s released to sources if you have a sales person these two sells as if you got a programmer at least two program like diversification inside the business to protect it but not a diversification of your business like you shouldn’t be doing five different businesses that’s the opposite of good that’s number one and then number two is trying to remain humble and it’s hard sometimes right like it’s like I need to keep myself sufficiently humble because if not I’m gonna be humbled so it’s like what does that mean well for maybe it’s praying to God I means not being a jerk means remembering that it’s not me like it’s an amazing team of people remembering that the only reason right I’ve been given these gifts and these blessings is because there’s a purpose for it I’m trying to help other people if I lose sight of those things and my head can grow fast and I understand like I have a fat head anyway I can’t wear hats this is actually a true story I can’t wear hats cuz I have a fat this is my circumference in my head is enormous I’ve tried my whole life to wear hats and I can’t you’ll never see me in hat ever because my head so fat so my head will continue to grow and swell that’s like number two is like just being aware of it being aware of where you are this pride cycle like if you were sufficiently humble that’s that’s good Mike stay there and then as you start a successful cuz it’s hard number two thing was I look at all the people that I know that have over the last 50 years of doing this and I’ve seen people go through the cycle the ones that don’t make it back up are the ones who are too prideful to learn blows my mind between Christmastime and now I’ve had three close friends who have had days businesses who have crashed who couldn’t be saying here Russell I see you’re doing is there any way I could come to your office and shadow you just see what you do so I can understand so I can get my business back up and all of our close friends and it’s like yeah I would I would definitely be game for that but first you gotta read my two books read x-force secret and dot-com secrets cuz like that’s like that’s the foundation read those and then let me know and then you can come in so I told them that of them have read the books and then will come they won’t learn I’m like are you kidding me like I feel like I think at this time in my life like I’m the top of my game I think give this to me my head starts whoa I don’t think there’s a lot of people who who understand marketing better than me at this point marketing and sales like it not because of a big ego but just like like I’ve dedicated a decade and a half of this right and like at a high level like super intense super immersion super Reich not just theory of a testing testing like I don’t think there’s many people have warned that but I also think more people to study more than me I still study because I want to stay sufficiently humble like I’m always learning like I in mastermind groups I pay other people for coaching I have multiple coaches happening all the time on my phone if I was to show you my iBooks account I have I would say conservatively at this point probably three hundred fifty to four hundred thousand dollars in courses on my phone that I listen to every single day old school stuff new stuff I’m always trying to learn because I because I don’t want the market to shift and be be left behind I need to be sufficiently humble so I can continue to learn so I can see what’s happening me awake where of the trends be aware of the Evergreen things that are never gonna shift and just like I’m always learning partially for me also I heard rich schefren say this one time he’s like I get paid to think for a lot of people and he’s like that’s right to learn and study because like then I share with other people and I’m thinking for other people I feel like I feel an obligation that – like I have a lot of people following me listening to me and like I need to consume and learn and keep on top of the game so I continue to give back because I get paid from everyone from my tribe – to contribute back that’s number two and then the third thing is sometimes we need to disciple and some that’s not always because you’re prideful some is just you’re going the wrong direction now look at I look at my business over the last 15 years like I was running in a direction and I thought I was right at the time and maybe it was right time like I learned a lot of things and a lot of people and we serve people as best we do at the time and then everything crashed and because that thing shifted and then I started running this direction running already the best I could best I understood I made a lot of mistakes but then amazing people I learned I learned and learned build this thing up and then it crashed again and then I shifted and I look at during those times during the crashes I was just like devastating I thought I was doing the right thing I thought I was you know I thought I was doing what I was supposed to be doing but it didn’t work so apparently something was wrong and a lot of times with me it’s not because you’re something wrong maybe it’s that God needed you over here but you’re running this direction so he had like to force this thing so you’d be humble enough to listen to move and then BOOM well how about left listen to be able to move again and you know I look at my life now I look at the path I look at you know the people that that I met because of these these things that I would have met otherwise that if they’ll ClickFunnels™ like I did I met Todd because of a crash here I met Dave because of this time at brendham at gentlemen only field my team Ryan like all these amazing and I mean there’s some real in team and I could go on for hours but those people were I can picked up each of those turning these these journeys use up some these downs that kada part of our team that made the foundation we needed to be able to build ClickFunnels™ and look at now my life like man can you think they closed those things were necessary so sometimes you know you could be doing everything right but you you just have to trust God God may need your business to crash for him to get you to where he needs you at and it’s just beautiful that and like okay in fact I was talking to Taylor it was the other day some of the other day about that in my in my own life I was just like you know ClickFunnels™ is awesome I love it I believes my mission but maybe there’s maybe like this might be not be the end mission maybe there’s something I suppose you over here and maybe like what does that mean like I don’t know yeah I just need to pay attention I try to be sufficiently humble so like when it comes it’s like hey I need maybe maybe the business crashes maybe I need to sell the business maybe I need to keep it forever I don’t know but trying to like be humble enough to listen so that we know it what’s the plan where we’re trying to go so kind of stuffy back and putting our faith in God and saying look I’ll go where you want me to go I’ll do we need to do if you need this to end that’s okay and what am i learn from this more I can go from here so I know I hope that helps somebody out there who’s listening because it’s uh it’s it’s pretty cool pretty special so there you go there’s the pride cycle this is uh seminary early morning seminary I had to go to no more seminary seminary 101 but that’s that’s what happens and so for you guys to understand that I can’t where you at your this pride cycle are you at the bottom of you are you humble so awesome like cherish that study learned grow like stay humble and then start coming up to towards the top stay humble because that crash is never fun but if you do crash understand there’s a purpose for it so hope helps you guys appreciate you all have an amazing night I’m gonna get to bed get a couple hours sleep before the morning waits few hours so much fun alright look like you see but want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top thirty five secrets to leave use to become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass target company in the world


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The Pride Cycle, And How It Affects Your Company

The Pride Cycle, And How It Affects Your Company