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ClickFunnels™ Exploding Sales – Traffic Secrets Book LAUNCH!

ClickFunnels™ Exploding Sales: Russell Brunson reviews a chapter from his new book Traffic Secrets. In this video, he shows you how to get massive amounts of traffic through follow up funnels. If you are looking for Traffic Secrets book review this it!

ClickFunnels™ Exploding Sales – How to get traffic in your website

Hey my name’s Russell Brunson I’m the author of this brand new book called traffic secrets the shows you how to get traffic into your websites and your funnels but really quick today on page 91 I he’s just concept called follow up funnels which is kind of fun and this is actually the graph from the book right here you can see there it is and this shows you not just how to get traffic to your funnels people always talk about Facebook and YouTube and Instagram but after you get those people in how do you follow up with them we know that the fortune is in the follow up so the process we take something to do after they come into our funnels this is where most of the money is actually made and now recently at a live event I taught this process in excruciating detail it was a lot of fun then walk people through what it is how it works and so what I want to do instead of you have to read this book right this very second

I want to show you that video so you get a start get the Wills you’re not spinning about how you can build your follow up funnels and hopefully I’ll inspire you to get your free copy of the traffic secrets book as well so with that said let me keep this video walking through how to create your own follow up funnels people are coming here they see your ad and then what’s gonna happen is if they if if they engage that they look at and they click on it and they move down the next step right but if they don’t click on the ad then it’s like oh we do like how do we follow these people what do we do right and so the first point of data look at the smaller markers for this part second there’s a point for smaller markers it’s for stuff like this the fine details right so this first step we have one thing that we’re

Gavin first point of data that we’re getting from people is retargeting right the pixel data tripled retargeting people right now if you look at like the timeline of how this works with retargeting typically what’s gonna happen if someone sees this ad there’s a lot different strategies I’m not gonna go deep into strategies tonight but we can brainstorm as you can think through them like for example one thing if someone sees your ad now you can do it with a if they don’t watch that show to him again right if they don’t want to show to him again or if they do engage

they watch soap certain percentage of it show them that out again or show them the next Saturday there’s a lot of it if then you can kind of make up okay and I don’t want to go through this right now I’m gonna give you guys a framework that you start thinking through these on your own but with retargeting like this is something like we can message them all the time right it’s not just like like once a week once a month Slyke retargeting happens all the

ClickFunnels™ Exploding Sales

ClickFunnels™ Exploding Sales – How to engage at social media.

time so as someone comes in here they don’t engage with us yet I have this whole thing where they’ve seen the ad I can start I can start engaging with them right these are representing day so every day I can have a new ad I can change things I can move things I can you would ever want but these all each days and you’re taking them through this this process right so that’s the first day second day third day fourth day fifth day six a seventh a so it might be a the first two days should on the same ad as soon as they watch the turn percentage then moved in this ad movement you can kind of take them through this the sequence can but all we have so far if they’ve just seen our app they have like engaged with it that’s all we have some retargeting trying to get them to actually engage and Susan’s actually engaged in the boom they move down to the next step of the follow up funnel right we’re now they come the page

now a couple things gonna happen right they have this page they may give us their email address if they do it’s awesome they jump down here but they don’t it’s like what tools do we have like we can start like what data or we gather now we can start progressing and moving them through the funnel right so you come back here it’s like okay with this step we have retargeting now if we got pixels from this step right here so retargeting if they opt-in now what we’ve grabbed the stage we’ve grabbed their emails and if they foot a messenger than we’ve gotten a messenger

eyes now as we got three things right and it could be more maybe you have a desktop push notification maybe they’re like you get add other things but let’s say in this phase the funnel now this point got one thing here we’ve got three things retargeting email and messenger right so there’s this phase in the follow funnel so this phase now again

I can keep doing retargeting and retarding is awesome cuz I can keep showing new ads every single bag he keep that process happening right so sequence lets me do as much as often as I want okay then email if I email every single day it depends on your market your business your business model bike most people probably don’t email every single day right but maybe email like three times a week right so the sequence the the profit sharing the second psychological sequence stays the same but the frequency of message delivery is different right so email maybe I can

ClickFunnels™ Exploding Sales – Facebook Messenger

send one every three days I send down email okay okay and then message reflect my facebook Messenger I don’t know about you but some messaged me on Facebook message every single day gives me super super annoyed there’s something about the intimacy of that channel like too often drives me crazy but I feel like once the week for me about it’s like this time where I don’t feel like I’m too over aggressive and people aren’t unsubscribed my crazy so the message that the timing sequence is like maybe they often I got one message here and then maybe over here I

got a message and maybe over here I got a message dry so it’s like I got I’ve got I’ve got some with the planned out to kind of further spaced out right here right okay so now we got to sit over here now a big percent of people have dropped through the funnel and come down here to the next page to the landing page and here we get the next level of data right so we still get the retargeting you still get their email so you get their messenger now we start pick up some stuff right there give us her credit card maybe we’re getting their their cell phone maybe we’re getting their to

text them right maybe we’ll get a cell phone to call them number maybe we’re getting their address we can send something in the mail etc a subset right we’re gathering more bits of data every single faces piece along the way right now this is the same thing the frequencies different for every single channel that we’re contacting people through right you’re probably not to send text message somebody every single day teens have their cell phone number right how many as if you got text message to me everything they might be a little bit annoyed how many as I personally

called you every single ad is super annoyed rights I’m for none of you guys be annoyed oh well thank you try it how many guys if my cells guy called you every single day would be a little bit annoying okay all right sorry Ravi remember you’re all right so get in frequency like retargeting I got as many as I can as I can do right doesn’t ship down email maybe I’m doing every one every three days I’m like that text message maybe it’s like a face mask maybe

once every seven days cellphone text maybe I’m knocking it immediately but maybe I’m gonna text them like once in the middle of the sequence and I got phone number may I call them I’m gonna call them like over here right now have address maybe I send something in the mail I could do that but much me that every single day this is expensive maybe I’ll do that right here in the process right so I’m looking at looking at the frequency of how I how I attack this this problem right so every channel has its strengths and weaknesses right typically the channels like retargeting no

one gets pissed off they see your ad every single day well sometimes with you guys those people are like if I see your face again I’m gonna kill you that happens way too often um actually funny ones Ethernet so Ethan’s awesome we were in Kenya with him and his wife this summer and super amazing people and then we got back home and his wife is not so much into like our whole world I guess you like once where my pages are clicked on something and

cracked me up like a week later she posted the calm when the comments is like rustle ever since I got back from Kenya I see what every single like might ads over and over to keep please stop sending me ads I was like I was so sorry I already offended or that fast anyway hopefully she forgives me tell her I’m sorry but for most part that channel of like following people the ads doesn’t get people annoyed right it’s not like it’s not intimates like on my newsfeed anyway I’m gonna see your eye there’s rustling in there to us again doesn’t bother them right so you can

ClickFunnels™ Exploding Sales – Learn about your target audience.

increase the frequency okay emails a little bit different like if I get the the if I get emails every single maybe twice I have some friends email two to three times a day I have one friend of Mel’s nine times a day nine times a day but he’s in the dating market this is what he told me this is actually good insight for all of us right like people buy stuff when they’re in pain right so sometimes you have customers like email my less than it by it’s like playin by cuz they weren’t in pain right now so my friend the emails nine times a day he is in the dating market he says if you look at

like this the the lifespan of my of my customer who’s a man who is trying to learn how to date girls he’s like for most of their life they have a girlfriend right and so they subscribed my sis to my email newsletter because they want to hear me tell jokes and be funny and I all those kind of things but they’re not enough pain right this is what happens those once or so every single year something Bad’s gonna happen to get in fighting and whatever he’s like I need to

make sure the second they get in a fight the very first email it open it mines on top his that point they’re in pain they’re gonna buy something and my is the first email they’re gonna buy for me so he justifies sending out ninety miles a day so the second that person’s broken up with they will buy his thing instantly and he’s made a good business out of it right I don’t think that’s realistic for most of us but there you go but emails different intimacy level

right so yes it’s kind of found what’s your comfort level for you you know for me it might be three times a week something like that okay messenger again like I said it’s different intimacy level more than once a week I feel really weird really weird direct mail phone calls text message you kind of thinking through those things like what’s the frequency of how you think he kind of communicate with those things right alright I hope you guys enjoyed that video and now you understand what a funnel is and how it works again that is just one of the many secrets here

inside the traffic secrets book there’s over 20 secrets they’ll walk you through in detail to get more traffic to your funnels and your websites to build your Instagram or YouTube fall whatever it is you’re looking to do traffic seekers will help you get more eyeballs on your message so if you would like right now we’re doing a very special offer now that my brand new book is out you need a free copy of the hard or the hard the hardback version is very hardcore as

well but the hardback version at traffic seekers calm there should be a link down below or just go to traffic seekers calm and go and get your free copy right now all you do is let me know where to ship it and cover the shipping cost I already paid to print it now you just let me know where to ship it and we’ll ship it one right away but that’s it you guys traffic seekers calm teaches you how to do this and a whole bunch more I hope you love the book go get free copy right now at traffic secrets calm let’s go you

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