Traffic Secrets Live Book Reading – How to Increase Website Traffic!

ClickFunnels™ Traffic Secrets – How to Increase Website Traffic Live!

ClickFunnels™ Traffic Secrets: Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book is ready! If you want to know what is in the Traffic Secrest book why not go right to the source – Russell Brunson talks about what is inside the book and covers a key tactic to get tons of traffic to your website.

ClickFunnels™ Traffic Secrets – 20 different traffic secrets!

hey my name’s russell brunson I’m the author of this brand new book called traffic secrets and I really want you get a copy of it but I’m not gonna bribe you right now instead I’m gonna do is I’m gonna read you one of the secrets there are 20 different traffic secrets in here and I want to read you one of them and hopefully if you like it you’ll decide to go grab a copy of the book so with that said I’m gonna show you guys a video clip of me I actually read secret number two and from the live audience with almost a thousand people in the room and they really liked it so

hopefully you like as well so I’m gonna coop that video right now when we come back I’ll show you how to get the other 19 secrets inside this book for free when we come back from this live reading so I’m gonna read you guys just one section of this book that ties us into step number two okay which step number two is is where are these people congregating and in the book it’s actually secret more too so I’m actually really nervous about this because nobody else is read this book yet and it may suck so I apologize in advance if you’re really bored but it should be awesome because I spend time on I’m really excited again so where are they hiding I knew I was supposed to be doing

homework but my ADHD mind couldn’t take it anymore I had to stop writing even if it was just for a few minutes I looked around to make sure no one else was looking and then I opened up a new tab on my browser I started typing in wwm at comm and then within seconds I was taken to a new hole in the universe a universe occupied by hundreds of thousands of wrestlers just like me all around the world this was our playground where we could talk about wrestling post pictures and videos and debate about who was gonna win every match happening in the next

big tournament I read a few articles and then watch the video showing a new way to finish a single leg takedown afterwards I went to the forums oh I love the forums who’s better Dan Gable in his prime or Cael Sanderson now someone just posted of course I had an opinion it took everything I had to not spend next 90 minutes writing my thoughtful response about how if we shrunk kale down to Dan size and took him to in Time Machine back to the 70s

ClickFunnels™ Traffic Secrets

ClickFunnels™ Traffic Secrets – Secret number 2!

Kelly would have destroyed Dan head-to-head but I knew that I couldn’t my paper was due the next day and I was locked away in study hall until it was done angrily I closed down the tab and sat back in my chair just stretched before it I started the trip back to reality as I was leaning back I started looking at my at the other college wrestler friends who were locked away in study hall with me because of our bad grades as I glanced towards 133 pounder I noticed a smile on his face what I thought how could it be smiling in study hall confused I tried to see what he was

working on as I shifted my gaze from his face to his monitor I saw it he was also on the mat calm and he was his comments while he thought dan would actually be killed then looking at the other wrestlers in the room I decided I had to know what they were doing faking that had to go to the bathroom I stood up and I started to walk past their desks and looked at 157 pounders screen yep he was looking at the mat comm 270-pounder the mat comm what are a heavyweight I asked myself he had to be actually doing his homework right nope he was also on the mat comm as I passed his computer on the way to the bathroom that quickly read his forum reply that Bruce Baumgartner 2-time

Olympic heavyweight champion four-time Olympic gold medalist would beat both Dan and kale at the same time what are you crazy there’s no way to kill with lose to Bruce and that’s when I hit me at that time the matcom was our little corner of the Internet all of the wrestlers with me in study hall were congregated together on that website talking about wrestling but we weren’t the only ones wrestlers and other colleges all across the country along with

high school wrestlers and their parents were also on the website too all around the world hundreds of thousands of people were all congregating together in this one spot to talk about that topic that we loved the most wrestling honestly that’s the power that’s the real power of the Internet it allows us to connect like-minded people together in a way that wasn’t possible before it allows each of us with our own unique and sometimes weird hobbies and interests to congregate together with our people to discuss the things that mean the most to us it wasn’t always like that though when I was in high school we didn’t have the matcom so the only people we had to talk about wrestling

were they a few other dozen wrestlers in our school we weren’t the only group though high school was full of different groups like basketball players weight lifters jocks band members and kids who played Magic the Gathering before the Internet each of these little groups had was limited to the size of how many people they could find to had the same interests that were located geographically around them pre-internet it was expensive for a marketer sell products and services to each of these small groups after all how do you target all how do you target just those people in each city who were interested in what you have to sell if you have a huge mass-market product like shampoo or painkillers you can run ads on TV and know that mostly everyone who saw your ads probably had hair

ClickFunnels™ Traffic Secrets – How get access to the dream customers!

or got headaches sometimes but it was way too expensive to run ads for wrestling shoes or train DVDs and pray that the dozens of wrestlers in each city would actually see the ad but the internet changed everything it took the dozens of wrestlers from my high school and every other high school around the world and congregated together in one spot one place to target all of the wrestlers in the world if wrestlers were my dream customers I had to put a product to sell them I didn’t have to run a huge mass media campaign instead I could go directly matcom or wherever they were congregating and just by ads there knowing that 100% of people who actually saw my ads were wrestlers instead of wasting money show ads to millions of people who didn’t want or didn’t need my product I am able to make sure that the only that only my dream customers ever saw what I’m selling this targeting is cut ad costs for

people like us down to a tiny fraction when people used to have to spend to get access to the dream customers this is what has made it possible for smaller businesses like ours to compete against the off and oftentimes even dominate the bigger brands the same principle is true no matter who your dream customer is those people are already congregating together online the Internet is made it so that when you find those existing congregations of your dream customers it’s literally like shooting fish in a barrel you simply have to find the barrel of fish with you dream customers throw your hooks in and if York is good it’ll pull people out of your barrel and into your funnels all right I

hope you like secret number two hopefully I got you excited not in the wheels in your head spinning out waging and more traffic into your websites and your funnels now if you want all of the other secrets inside this book there’s over 20 traffic secrets inside of here you can get for free right now by going to traffic secrets calm and get a free copy of the hardbound copy of this book which is really exciting we are paying for the the printing cost you cover the shipping handling and let me know where to ship your copy and I’ll send you one right away in the mail this book will help you get more traffic to your websites to your phones if you want to grow your Instagram following have more followers on YouTube whatever it is you’re trying to do and get more eyeballs on whatever your messages this book will help you get more of that all you do right now is go to traffic seekers calm to get your free copy or I’m sure they’ll be linked down below you can click on as well and I hope you love this just let me know where to ship your copy out right now thanks so much you

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