Uh Oh, The Facebook Slap Has Officially Hit, Yet Funnel Hackers Rejoice

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What to be aware of with the new “Facebook Slap” and how to protect yourself and your business so you can not only survive, but you can thrive.

On today’s podcast Russell talks about the recently announced Facebook slap that is going to change everything for direct response marketers. He also reflects on some of what happened during the Google slaps years ago. Here are some of the helpful things you will hear in this episode.

-Find out what the Facebook slap means and how it will change things for Russell and other direct response marketers.

-See why Russell has experience with these sort of things and why that makes him well informed and qualified to help others.

-And find out what you should be doing to get ahead of the game and not be hit so hard with the changes on Facebook.

So listen here if you want to find out how to stay profitable despite all the changes coming to Facebook.

uh-oh the Facebook slap just happened and now you got to get a funnel welcome to marketing secrets podcast so the big question is this power arch Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the left Hoss get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets all right everybody I have been prophesying of this for so long and for those who were new the newbies who lament online for a year or two years or five years or eight years I wanted to give you a history lesson so the network’s they don’t like you or me just like you like money from big brands who don’t annoy them who describe big checks and don’t we’re gonna big huge marketing budgets and don’t care if they’re profitable or not people like us who care about a direct ROI acid direct response guys they don’t like us very much but they they they adore us for a little while because it builds their platform and then they smash us so that’s happening Google back in the day they were awesome then they smashed us as what happened to every platform as I’ve been around for now 15 years you probably heard of the Google slap and then the other Google slap then the other Google slap and then this and then it’s and I kept warning people Mike don’t put all your eggs in Zuckerberg basket Zuckerberg doesn’t care about you and we talked about that in fact I did a whole presentation it felt like he lied about that last year but it’s happening the Facebook slap has officially begun Zuckerberg just announced it about a week ago and I want to let you guys know a couple things because the facebook slap is actually a really good thing for people like you and me who are doing funnels if you’re not doing a funnel now this is going to force you to finally to learn and understand funnels all right so here’s the context Zuckerberg came out it was like hey we’re gonna change how Facebook’s algorithm works so instead of I’m having they he said that this algorithm change makes the less people if people spend less time on Facebook which seems insane but this will try to try squeeze out the direct response marketers and and build a bigger platform for the brand new marketer so that works what they do is he’s making it so that what you’ll see now more so is more of your actual interactions with friends right so your feet will have less business stuff and more more brand stuff right receive the more personal interaction so you see more your friends stuff you see fan page some of that are gonna be dropping dramatically and a groups will go up because groups say their social interaction so groups and your personal stuff you’ll see a lot more of in your feet and you’ll see a lot less of business pages fan pages and ads so what’s gonna happen because there’s less staff you scroll through and just like mindlessly scroll you actually spend less time on Facebook that’s his plan so you spend less time on flase Facebook there’ll be less ad spots and and when supply and demand does that little thing guess what happens the price goes up so ad costs will be going up they’re shown some stats and basically in the first quarter so speed up like cameras thirty or forty percent and by the NVR almost a hundred percent increase in ad cost and so what does that mean for people like us a couple things number one it means that the competition a lot of these people are just throwing facebook ads becoming ad experts overnight they are going to be gone they will not be able to sustain it anymore and most intelligent enough to diversify their traffic off Facebook a couple things for us marketing seekers people and our funnel hackers we are smart enough to know there’s more than one way to drive traffic Facebook is a source not the only source and if you’ve been looking your business that way then you’re fine and if not it’s now time to start diversifying like freak out yes freak out diversify now if you wait for a year to diversify a lot of you guys will be in trouble so just diversify now start looking at other traffic sources I’ll get YouTube look at your own podcasts looking at all these things using this time now where ads are still a little bit cheaper to drive people to these other networks to build up your podcast to build up your email list things like that build up your midi chat lists like those kind of things because the ad costs are dramatically number two we’ve been talking about this is day number one to click funnels right whoever can spend the most money to acquire customer wins that’s the first chapter the introduction of comm secrets book if you haven’t read it go and read it cop secret cop go get the book because help you understand that who ever could spend the most money to acquire a customer wins and that costs go up you have spent more money to acquire our customer that’s actually a good thing it means all of these little people who are just dabbling are gonna go away because they’re not able to spend more money now for us the intelligent ones we’re studying marketing and sales and funnels that’s okay that’s what we build funnels okay um you know I think last year 2017 and a lot of people who got away with one funnel and they made a really good income I think that’s gonna be harder and harder I think understand the concept of funnel stacking we talk a lot about in our community here where you have one funnel then that leads to the next funnel is vital it’s can be vital to your success having a fully developed value ladder is gonna be vital to your success now a couple things on value ladder I want to just touch on I wish I could rewrite the whole chapter dot-coms book because everyone thinks that they need these like complex value ladders for 80 steps click funnels right now it’s 3 steps that’s it ok we’ve got all the front ends on the front step we got click funnels webinar ourselves click funnels in the middle and then we’ve got our coaching program that’s not even available right now but will be after fall on key live on the back end that’s it so there’s SB complex but there needs to be levels you needed cuz your front and funnels once it used to be profitable are gonna be break-even funnels if that’s your entire business you’re gonna struggle ok so the good news is the facebook slap is come we know what’s happening now and it’s not like when Google slapped us it was like they just turn us off overnight we all we all just got shut down right now you’ve got about a year over the next year you’ll see your ad costs go up 50 to 100 percent so just be aware about so now it’s time to start understanding that and putting in ok this funnels to acquire customers if I’m profitable right now it’s awesome if I’m gonna be profitable in six months if they add if my ad cost a double or if they go 50 percent or like if not and I start tweaking that it’s like hey we’ve acquired a customer through this funnel now I need to send them up the value out and there’s your profit okay so if you’ve been following me and you listening to the stuff you’ve read the dot-com secrets book you’ve read the experts secrets book you’ve gone into this this shouldn’t freak you out okay but if you haven’t yeah you should be a little nervous you should go get calm seekers read it understand sales funnels value add right these are the core principles that works as date number one okay excuse me this is not something new in fact um you know it’s it’s crazy the online world’s made this so easy I can traditional off like a guy I cut my teeth learning this game with Bill Glaser Dan Kennedy and all these people who are doing direct mail and classified ads and TV where it’s like nobody breaks even on TV right you lose money and you lose money four five six seven months before you’re profitable like and so like that’s where my foundation came from that’s the dot-com secret book teaches that foundation and I think we’ve been spoiled because it’s been so cheap to acquire media online and that’s been awesome and hopefully new platforms will continue to rise up that we can come in and we can arbitrage attention from it for at a discount but just be aware that right now Facebook is now shifting to make that transformation this is the first facebook slump I got a little bitty slap about a year and half ago to start shutting down add accounts but they they took the gas pedal off that one and it made a little bit easier were sipping ice but this one’s happened and it’s not going away and so it’s like now is the time to prepare for it starting to get get better at acquiring customers on your front end funnels and getting better at sending him to the next step this will be a huge steam of funnel hacking live I got some crazy amazing presentations for all my funnel hackers you guys will learn about some of these things but friend I just wanted to give you guys the voice of morning because this is what happening but luckily this is not like a shot where you just get shot and you die like Peck in the google days we’ve got time but it’s all about understanding that preparing and building out your value line go back read up secrets again read it to read three times it realize those concepts figure out your value about it identify it figure out your break-even funnels acquire customers profitably now so you can get to the point where you’re breaking even it’s six months to a year from now and then be able start sending people up so the Google slap is here by the funnel people funnel hackers don’t even worry it’s all gonna be good if you put fall with the Prinsloo et just add a number one you’re protected so don’t stress about it but if you’re not it’s time to start looking at that start building everybody getting prepared because it’s coming all right guys appreciate you all sorry goodbye a stuffy nose I probably sound a little funny but that’s about it so heading back to the office today we’ve got Todd Android and Nick and Karen and what would people the office is so much fun so get back to work we were out late last I work into now it’s a early morning we’re started the game over again so I’m sure the next couple days I’ll do a lot of podcast I’ll probably be really tired so I apologize in advance if you enjoy the style please go to iTunes rate us review us with this is a new way to recreate new feet so we’re starting back over on the reviews and stuff like that so please if you love this podcast if you review the past please come back review to get appreciate that and I will talk to you soon bye everybody would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind-the-scenes reality TV show at WWF oh no hacker TV

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Uh Oh, The Facebook Slap Has Officially Hit, Yet Funnel Hackers Rejoice

Uh Oh, The Facebook Slap Has Officially Hit, Yet Funnel Hackers Rejoice