What it’s REALLY like to work with Russell Brunson – confessions of ClickFunnels employees…

One of the questions that my team gets asked all the time from funnel hackers and entrepreneurs alike is wondering what it’s like working with me. And I get it, I am a passionate guy whether it’s about my family, wrestling, or FUNNELS (duh). Well, today my extraordinary sales funnel team is bringing the dirt on what it’s like to work with me!

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your question is how involved is russell throughout our funnel building process um yes paid to sell your product i love this guy honestly the entrepreneurs are the only people that can actually change this planet as far as everybody wonders what’s a g lead janki fire and so i’m the one that sprinkles the magic sauce that goes on top of all our funnels kind of anything that we need to not only make our funnels work but make the back end work as well all right well i’m nick so like brent said i’m the lead funnel builder and the acting project manager too at this time all that good stuff my name’s jake leslie i’m the graphic designer click funnels i have an amazing design team all the shirts that you guys see all the things that you guys see at funnel hacking live everything that’s visual is us from the funnels all the way down to the socks that we handed out for one of our affiliate contests i hope you guys like those socks that was weird i am karen king and i am the lead copywriter for clickfunnels so that would be like leadpages sales pages promo emails so and i’ve got a really great team of copywriters behind me that are kind of helping me with all of that yeah so russell typically sits down he draws each little image and then he tries to write text which is funny because we call it hieroglyphics because we can’t ever read what russell writes russell loves to be involved which a lot of people don’t like to be involved and there’s certain situations that he defers to us as professionals in what we do which is great so there’s a balance of russell’s knowledge and what he knows and then our professional opinion on what we do we butt heads on this sometimes all the time like i’m like oh that’s an ugly funnel and he’s like no it’s not a converts better we’re just like god you know but it’s but he just loves being a part of it if russell could do something all day he would be building funnels and writing copy and watching me design stuff jesus walks out next speaker we do like 20 minute sessions of like eight different speakers russell will have this oh my gosh i have this great idea moment and he’s like all right everybody in the conference room or something and so we all gather together he maps out this funnel on the whiteboard he’s like here’s the offer here’s what we’re gonna do and he’ll lay out everything pretty much that’s our opportunity there to like to get all our questions answered as best we can russell what’s this called what what is the offer what’s the products in it is it gonna be physical are we selling a digital thing i’ll take that i’ll plan out the project map it all out get the team together whoever’s going to be working on it frame out the funnel get it pre-built the rest of the team kind of comes in and cleans it up all that good stuff typically we’ll go to our video team from there they’ll get with russell they’ll create the sales video that goes on the sales page and then that makes it a lot easier for the copy team to then come and write the page based on what russell said in his video we’ve started doing that very recently and the reason why is because it helps russell think through it more too and get his idea more set in stone that way we’re not revamping the copy 20 times before we launch the funnel i feel like we kind of introduced ourselves a little bit backwards when you think about the process of you know building out a funnel it gets downloaded from russell first right but it comes to copy first it will go to design once the copy is done and then it’ll go to nick who builds out the funnel and then jamie kind of puts out all the fires and jenga fights it goodbye and jenkify sprinkled make sure things are spelt right jake sometimes struggles with spelling i want to mention something yes spelling’s stupid i wanted to touch a little bit on zone of genius because i think that the way that we have structured the marketing team russell has purposely gone out and you know got the the whos for his how right and so we are all in our zone of genius and that has been i think what has allowed us to crank out like really great funnels really really quickly what are you guys looking at russell is an extremely good leader because he leads by example he’s just such a good person and like someone that i look up to on a personal level even just like i want to be like that i want to be such a good person like that and help all these people all of you and he invests his time in us like he does his business to coach us and teach us to be better at what we do as well yeah and just one thing that i um i learned a long time ago from uh when i was in the military and russell follows this but i think it’s really important is that you never ask anything of somebody else that you haven’t already done or wouldn’t be willing to do yourself and when people see that in you they’ll follow you to the to the end of the earth because they know that you’ve either already done it or you wouldn’t ask them to do it and that’s important that people see that to keep and retain and attract talent such as yourselves are there any other things that he does that really enable you and you’re like i love being a part of this i love what i’m i’m doing anything you can identify with russell as a leader um yeah so she’s just asking um man sorry i’m kind of getting emotional um it’s it’s a different dynamic a lot a lot of people ask me holy cow wow sorry this is weird i i just had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and you know russell sent me a box and you just russell doesn’t say a lot sometimes but i think it’s the little nuances that you can do that aren’t expected that you can do for the people that are serving you because they’re literally dedicating their lives to benefit you specifically and they’re really turning setting their sales to where it’s like okay i’m buying into this guy and i’m gonna put years of my life into somebody so that i can make him more successful and i can learn from him and and just go along that path and so i think it’s just the little things knowing what your what your employees are doing and how you can help them on a personal level and really really relating to them he knows our wives he knows our kids he knows our families he knows our extended family i really do think that getting involved to an extent where you are understanding what you’re loving like that i think that’s really really helpful sorry for crying the last thing i want to mention is to put on an event like this it takes an army of amazing people um it takes tons of support from our from the families of everyone involved but there’s over a hundred people here that have killed themselves to put on this event for you guys i just wanted to give a second to give my entire team a huge round of applause for all the work they put into this whole event no just to touch a little bit on kind of what jake was mentioning like he has a desk like right out we call it the ball pit which is kind of like all of the marketing and the social and the events team sit and he has a desk right there because i i love knowing that like he wants to be out there with us and in the funnels with us and i think there that’s a really huge aspect of like why we all like love showing up every single day so that’s good you’re really good with words you

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